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Agar.io All Best Skins Names Mods Custom Cool DifferentThese are all the best Agar.io Skins, Names and Mods with custom Cool Different things. Please leave your custom, cool and different names/skins in the comments below to share with others. For a list of everything related check the Agar.io Wiki, Guide & FAQ.

Check back in the near future for updated and user submitted content. Depending on popularity things could explode with more information. If your still playing you might not want to miss out. Find more info about Controls, How To Play and more here.


There are a limited number of Skin that are made be the developers. You learn how to change your skin here on the official website where you can also view all of their cool and different choices. They have opened up a place where user can submit custom art for a change to make the game.

The list is pretty limited with about 50 different choices to select for gameplay. I’m sure the only reason why the developers don’t add a custom pic feature is that it will be abused. The names sometimes are absolutely ridiculous.


Names can be very important for survival, especially when dealing with new players. How long did it take you to realize the thing called 100 points wasn’t points at all? Having names like “Death” and “Game Over” will penetrate deeply into other players minds toying with their sense of game. After awhile though they pretty much are only good for a laughs cause your too busy paying attention to size.


The developers have a strict no cheating rules so finding real mods that sooth our soul probably wont happen. You can on the other hand use Mods that add extra features like a number value for size and loosing statistics. Someone could probably easily make a game like this and add modding capabilities.

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