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Agar.io Controls How To Play Friends Recombine Zoom OutSome basic information on Agar.io Controls, How To Play, Friends, Recombine, Zooming Out and more. For a full list of everything related check out the Agar.io Wiki, Guide & FAQ.

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Agar.io Controls

Moving – Your player will always stay in the middle of the screen when moving. From the center of the screen hold your finger in the direction you would like to travel. The bigger you get the slower you will move.

Split % – This will blast you player into many small pieces which will slowly come together, then after about 30 second they will combine into one again. This can leave the player at a severe disadvantage as your total size is can be reduced to more that 1/10. This will make picking up small reappearing orbs at a much faster rate increasing your score as well.

Eject Mass – Ejecting mass is a way to grab smaller opponents that are out of reach. The side effect is that you will shrink in size and be left open for consumption by bigger fish. It will also time a short time before your multiple blobs connect as one again.

Many people don’t ever seem to use Eject, though the ones who do can be a huge threat. Once your in visibly range of someone and to eject it’s pretty much over for you when done right. Your player will be smaller with less view range and will be less likely to see it coming. I wonder if this is how fish feel in the oceans?

How to Play with Friends – The process of playing with friends is more complicated than I’m willing to explain here so I’ll post a link to info on How To Play Agar with Friends, just watch out for Big P at 1:14.

How to Recombine – The sever has a recombine set time of 30 seconds for each blob that breaks away from the main not matter the size.

How to Zoom Out – The only way to zoom out is to get bigger by absorbing orbs and other people.

Getting Bigger – Sizes that are close to each other will not combine. The rest of the time The bigger opponents will always consume the smaller one growing in size.

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