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Agar.io Wiki Strategy Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA Agar.io Wiki with Strategy Guide, Walkthrough, FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Agar.io is an online multiplier action game developed by Miniclip.com and is available free for Android on Google Play, iOS on iTunes and on just about any browser by visiting Agar.io.

This Agar.io Wiki, Strategy Guide, and FAQ along with it’s Cheats, Tips and Tricks can be updated daily depending on popularity. Please leave all questions and insight below in the comments.

Agar.io Wiki

Strategy Guide, Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks

Your basically one of the smallest guys in a huge tank when starting out. The more of the small little orbs grabs will increase your score and size. Be careful though, there are many threats floating around including other players that want you dead, yum yum give me some. There are a number of different buffs and hazards that can effect the size and behavior of your thing. The below tips are great walkthrough information, but in the end it’s gonna come down to skill.

Surviving – Staying  on the edge can give you less to worry about with less coming from all angles, but you will also have less room to retreat an inbound threat. The #1 killer is a poor internet connection.

Speed – You can always get away from someone when your smaller if you go in a straight line away from them.

Green Spike Balls – You can hide behind these, but it anyone feels like assuming and is bigger than the green spiked hider you will loose if you stay.

Getting Bigger – To get bigger you have to touch things that are smaller than you. This includes both other players and colored dots that appear randomly. As you get bigger the screen will zoom out for a wider view of everything around you.


  • How to change Skins?
  • How to enter Nickname using BlueStacks?
  • How to Recombine? Each blob takes 30 seconds no matter the size.
  • How to Remove Yellow Dot in BlueStacks? Right-click the BlueStacks icon in the task bar notification area on your PC/Mac, then select Restart.
  • What does Agar.io mean? Agar.io is actually a web address and the .io is the same as .com, .org and other domains. Agar is the business/game name. It’s basically a really slick way of advertising a website for a game and vis versa.


There isn’t many cheats for mobile games, but since this things came out ion the PC first there might be some good stuff. I’m just getting started so check back for some potential real gems having fun twisting the game to your will.

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