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Age of Lords Wiki Guide Tips Tricks FAQAn Age of Lords Wiki with Guides, Tips, Tricks, FAQ along with a growing database of related info. Age of Lords is a Online Medieval Strategy War Games based on things taking time to complete. Right now it’s only available for Android on Google Play, iOS on iTunes could be in the near future depending on popularity possibly.

This Age of Lords Wiki along with it’s Guides, Tips, Tricks, FAQ and other info can be updated daily. Check back often for new content and comments.

Age of Lords Wiki Guide Tips Tricks FAQ

Castle – Keeping the castle going up is the most important building to increase as it determine the limit for level on most other buildings. So nothing else will be able to increase higher than the level of the Castle. Try to focus on the Castle more than other structures and plan ahead for raising it’s level prior to long breaking periods.

Often the level of Barracks, Collage, and Wall will come into play as well with limitations. Resources structures are connected directly to the Castle and are easier to upgrade over all other buildings.

Early Development – When starting the game fresh and new a good trick is to take advantage of the 5 minute free build bonus. If a buildings construction time is 5 min or less you can tap the Free button to finish construction immediately. Place Resources down in close to max fulling almost all spots, but leave a few spots open for not sure yet stuff and 1 for Gold Mine.

There are 25 spots which is good for more food which is needed for housing a large army. Having an army is what this game is about. The more troops you have the less chance someone is gonna mess with you. Be in an Alliance and teleporting to the groups location will help with survivability.

Quick build everything you possible can before have to wait for thing to complete. This will give a good boost to your earnings so things can be developed quicker. Keep keep all resource buildings growing in level as caps increase.

If your wondering what to upgrade first I would do the Castle, then resources and finally other things you might need. Things are gonna cost more than you’ll have so maximizing gathering is a must for quicker gameplay.

Quests – Quests are a great way to earn all kinds of rewards and best of all experience. Try to complete actions that will also finish a City Quest. This way your getting payed to build stuff. This will help of set the constriction costs in many situations.

Resources – Unlink past titles for this developer resource earnings is more traditional like many past titles with same gameplay style. Instead of having to tap to collect them with the possibility of things getting maxed out, so no collection until tapped and collected. In Age of Lords things will continue to produce even when offline. As you upgrade your Farms, Lumber Yards, Quarries, and Iron Mines the counters will increase faster at the top of the screen as production rates go up.

Try to keep them maxed out when possible. It’s better to have many that have high levels building all up slowly, then to build one up at a time, though taking one to a higher level then most can be good for time when needing something to build for a long period. The level of most building is tied in directly to the Castle. So you wont ever be able to build most building higher than the level of the castle.

Skill Points – There are 2 paths to the Skill tree. One focuses on Military strength while the other increases Resource production. It only takes a few points to open up the next skill so it might not be a bad idea to try and move forward on both paths. Then you can focus on various things that you might want more. In end game it’s the guy with the strongest military that gonna be pushing people around and making up the most successful Guilds.

As you gain levels with your main character skill points per level up will become more. This will lets you make sizable increases to many skills at once for a noticeable difference right away.

At later level small boost to resource productivity can have huge effects. Combine in the massive overall bonuses from skills and where talking about huge amounts of production per hour.

Teleport Free – New player get a free teleport that can be used anytime before your castle is lv 6. It’s located in your Items under Special. This can be a great chance to get in with a good Alliance, then teleport to there main locations for protection. More specifically teleport right next to the big guys in the Alliance or somewhere close by with good farming locations. Many things can be built up before needing a lv6 Castle.

Teleport Paid – After reaching lv6 your free teleport will no long be an option. You’ll have to pay 1200 gold for an Advanced Teleport that will move your city to a chosen location in the kingdom. There may be one of these with a mission reward or some other gift while playing. Otherwise you can always buy one in the Shop.

University – The University is need to research different buff and technologies which acts as passive abilities. Research will produce lots of exp when compared to other actions especially early on. You can research something and upgrade the building at the same time, this is different in other titles of similar type where only one could be done at the same time.

After unlocking the recommended Scouting research in the Military section you have to choices. Improve the production of goods and strengthen your army’s power. Try to do a mixture of both trying to focus on things you would need. It might be good to try and throw 1 point in everything so you can have many options at once. Eventually you’ll have them all so just works towards what you think you need at first.

  • Economy – The Economy focuses on mainly increasing the production of goods. There march speed is also here which could also be considered as Military and useful in that area.
  • Military – The first skill called Scouting is a must have and should be gotten first, only about 14 minutes to complete.

VIP – VIP function has yet to put put in the game yet. Since this app is much like his last one called Clash of Kings on Google Play the bonuses might be similar as well. With that said the VIP feature will probably be open to free players along with paid ones. Things like free build time for 5 minutes or less will be increased by potentially hours.

Wiki – A wiki is a collection of information on certain subjects. Wikia has done so where their wiki’s can be updated by anyone, though this is not the case on this website. Comment can be left below with question. Also certain information can be added if found useful or need ore of an explanation. Depending on popularity this wiki can have multiple links leading to things with more in depth information.


For most of the game you’ll be upgrading buildings and training troops. Having the strongest army possible for your Kingdom is the main goal.

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  1. Wondering if there are newer kingdoms and is their a multi kingdom map to figure out if you want to move? I was looking to start out with players my size like in GOW.

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