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Age of Sparta BoostersAge of Sparta Boosters are one of the most useful things in the whole game. By placing them next to Income producing building they will increase the amount they produce. By placing them next to Military building they will reduce the amount of time it takes to train something.

You should try to place Boosters earlier rather than later or you’ll be missing out on some serious boosts. Some have small radius which usually give the biggest bonuses. Others that take up mar space can have larger radius that can reach more structures in an area.

You can temporarily move Boosters around to increase the profits on certain structures, Say that something is ready to collect from. Just move a mass amount of these around it to increase the earning before collecting.

When training Units you can dramatically reduce the time it will take. This can be used to speed up gameplay so more missions and PvP fights can be completed. Maximize there placement by placing them between 2 or more Military trainers. Even better try to place other things in the radius that’s left over.

When producing income these work better on things that already have a higher pay out. Boosters will make what seem to be low earnings into much bigger numbers.

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Boosters List

Road 1% – These are the default roads that are already in the camp. They should be sold and replaced with Ornates if you plan on keeping them around.

Chariot Statue 3%

Fountain 6%

Hearth 10% 20max

Arch 7%

Sculpture 7% 10max

Wooden Fence 2%

Stone Wall 5%

Plinth 4%

Greek Garden 15% 7max

Small Gazebo 12% 17max

Hero Statue 20%

Centaur Statue 33% 8max

Vase 40% 5max – Best bang for your buck and they only take up 1 tile. These should be among the first purchased as they will help a bunch in all kind of areas.

Big Fountain 50% 3max – The best you can get and should be the first ones purchased. Though they only reach 1 tile away they only take one tile too.

The Unknown Warrior 55% 7max

Statue of Themis 65% 7max

Titan Statue 75% 4max

Big Park 30% 10max

Ornate Road 10% – If you plan on having road around then your going to want to replace the basic version with these guys.

Stone Road 5%

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