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Age of Sparta FaithAge of Sparta Faith is just like energy in many other mobile apps. You’ll need it to do mission and fight other players in PvP. Age of Sparta take it to a new level where you place building that produce faith after a certain amount of time. Than you can place other structures to increase the max limit. This is truly an amazing feature that other apps are sure to implement in the future. Each one will take a certain amount of Population to place.

Because of how the system is set up you should hardly ever run out and when you do it can be replenished quickly. Some special buildings like the Sanctuary of the Gods on your camp cost Faith to unlock. You’ll have to increase the max amount to do this.

Early in the game while completing quests you’ll unlock a structure for free called the Parthenon. This will allow you to collect the earning from all faith with in range with out having to tap on every one. After the first one that is given to you the rest will cost Gems. This thing will make itself useful though for along time so purchasing another wont be needed for awhile.

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Faith Buildings

Sacred Grounds 3/3m – This will be a big help both early in the game and up until much later. In my opinion this one is over powered and with a few of them will keep you playing permanently. Collecting when your full isn’t a complete waste as you get some experience too.

Sanctuary 5/3m – This one is a step up from the Sacred Grounds but you’ll need to spend Gems to get it.

Temple of Athena +20 – Raises the max amount you can have. This is a must early to help get things done at a faster rate, but you should replace it with a couple Temples of Poseidon when they become available as they offer a 2.5 times more the increase in the same amount of space.

Temple of Ares

Temple of Poseidon +50 – A better buy than the Temple of Athena and should be used to replace it early on for a better long term advantage.

Nymph Shrine

Temple of Hades

Large Shrine

Sacred Grove

Temple of Zues


Olympic Shrine

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