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Age of Sparta IncomeAge of Sparta Income buildings are use to increase you city’s economy. These are a must for moving forward in the game and purchasing many of the things that app has to offer. Each one will require a certain amount of population to build so those structures will need to be placed first above all.

At first things can seem a little tedious when collecting money, especially from the buildings with short timers. Keep going through the first few Quests and eventually you’ll get a free Acropolis. The Acropolis will collect the income from multiple building with the tap of a button. The range is only so far and it should be placed at the center of income producing buildings.

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What To Build

In the begging your only choice is going to be placing things with short timers. But as your level increases new one will become available and your gonna have a couple choices. Do you want to collect earning all the time by playing consistently or place things that take hours to produce an income.

Things with shorter timers will produce more in the long run, but you be doing a lot of tapping to get that gold. Age of Sparta has a great game mechanic where you can literally keep playing with need for a break, that is until end game where things will take tons of time to build.


These are different decorations that will increase the revenue of any building that’s produces a currency. Will also speed up the production of units. They are better build sooner than later. If you plane on keeping roads around they should be replaced with the Ornate version to increase the production of things around it.

Each booster has a different radius so some are better in certain areas than others. For the bonuses you get from these things the price for them is dirt cheap.

Income Buildings

Wheat Farm 4×4 – This is the first to be unlocked and placed. Will earn tons more gold in the long run when compared to the many other alternative. The only downfall is that to make it profitable you’ll have to collect the earnings almost every minute.

Vineyard 5×5 – Produces more than the Wheat Farm, but cost Gems and takes up twice the space. You’ll get a few of these for free from mission but besides that I would avoid puchasing these guys and stick with wheat or move up to Quarry’s.

Quarry 4×4 – You next step forward in time with a 5 minute timer. When compared to Wheat it makes only 10 gold less, but takes 5 less citizens to run. For the avide gamer who plays a lot this one will make a ton of gold fast when compaird to just about every other building available.






Olive Farm

Wood Shop











Art School




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