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Age of Sparta PopulationAge of Sparta Population is needed to place most structure in the game. At first you’ll be building a lot of Clay Huts, but should move on as soon as Homesteads open up. The ones that cost Gems offer tons of population but aren’t really worth the cost of paid currency since it’s so hard to come by. Save it for the best population buildings or other permanent things like military and Income.

Space is always going to be an issues as there are just too many things to place. Selling and replacing populations units is a sure way to open up some space for other things.

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Population Buildings

Clay Hut – The first populations building that come available at the start of the game. Gets the jobs done, but should be replaced with Homestead as soon as they open up.

Homestead – Opens up pretty early and your best bet for raising the worker limit. These take up the same amount  of space as the Clay Hut and brings in over 3 times the amount of citizens. They take 8 hours to complete so best to make these things before going to bed or when your not going to be playing for awhile.

Residence – Though these give a great boost they are not worth the cost of Gems. Save them for more important things like top tier buildings and improved military structures.

Luxury Apartment – Again this one cost Gems and though it can offer a large increase they are better spent else where. The Homestead should be more than efficient to get you through until something better opens up that cost gold.


Family House



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