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Age of Sparta QuestsAge of Sparta Quests are a way to learn new things and keep moving forward in the game. They can be a big help when earning currency and are a must to advance. The amounts seems to be infinite and usually be completing one you  will unlock multiple more. Check out some Tips & Tricks that can help shed light on things.

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General Tips

Building Things – Don’t be too hasty to build a whole bunch of things or expand the area. Many quests are just around the corner waiting to give the player rewards for these things. The best things to do is try to focus totally on them instead of going of on you own to make a bunch of things. Doing this will help the game go along more smoothly with have to be held back by lack of currency. Units and thing that create currency are probably ok to make in time when something can’t be completed.

Gems – The only place that I know of so far to get free Gems is by completing quests. Almost everyone will produce a few that can be spent on higher quality goods. I might be a good idea to save them up for high level stuff unless your sure about something. One of the best ways to have an advantage of opponents is to have stuff that is only available with Gems.

Thumb Through – It’s good to have a look through all the quest once in awhile especially after not playing for awhile. Sometimes they can be completed, but not triggered. You have to actually look at it to get the rewards. Not sure if this is  glitch or just how things work.

Types – They can be for just about everything from expanding land, building new Units, earning a certain amount of gold, placing certain buildings and lots of ones related to the Campaign and PvP.

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