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Age of Sparta SpecialsAge of Sparta Specials are structures that can be placed to collect earning from multiple other building in there radius. Each one will cost Gems to place it’s amazingness though you’ll get one of each free from Quest early on, but not a free Academy.

Specials are a major time saver and help fix what is probably the worst part of games like these. Often app will offer this but will require you to use paid currency each time its used. Thankfully the developers where looking out the the gamer and realized this is a must have feature.

The only downfall to Specials is you can only place so many buildings in there radius and will eventually need to buy another. Unless you don’t mind tapping a whole bunch. The radius they give is pretty large though and enough to keep the player happy for a good amount of time in the beginning.

The Gem cost for these is pretty reasonable and there probably one of the best investments for them. These should be combined with boosters to increase the output of gold producing stuff.

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Special Buildings

Acropolis – Collect gold from surrounding Income producing buildings. This will be major time saver when it comes to collecting profits. It can get pretty tedious tapping on every little coin on the screen.

Parthenon – Collect Faith from surrounding buildings. Again this will make refilling your Faith much more enjoyable as all it will take is a simple tap of a button.


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