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Age of Sparta Tips & TricksAge of Sparta Tips & Tricks to help you out and shed some light on things. For the most part things are pretty self explanatory. Your going to want to keep moving forward and increasing the amount of resources you city produces.

Check back in the near future as this post will be updated daily with new info. If there is anything you would like to share feel free to leave it in the comments below.

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Age of Sparta Tips & Tricks

Avatar – You can change the look of your character picture by clicking on the Avatar in your city. This will bring up a list of other pictures that can be chosen.

Boosters – These are probably the most important structures in the game. By placing Boosters next to buildings you will increase the revenue it produces or speed up the production of units. Placing multiple of the will stack the effects. Does not effect expansions.

Bonuses – Load trees and special building around things that create a revenue. This will raise there profit even more. This is best to due on things that are your biggest earners. Many bonus structures will only work 1 square distance outside their boundaries.

Chests – During fight chest will randomly appear on the battle field. By tapping them you can get all kinds of neat stuff. There can also be chest that randomly appear in your city, so try not to build things that block the view of open spaces as chests could be hidden behind them. You should see a gryphon dropping them. If all space is full they will land on roads.

Expanding – In the beginning you will have very little land to build on. When increasing you land space compare price to how much can be placed on it. Going south and west when expanding for the first time will let you by big open spot for free. Places with rivers cutting through them taking up space aren’t good areas for beginner development. It’s not a complete loss if you invest in these spots as there are many with openness.

Fight – When battling others on the fight screen there are arrows on the bottom left and right. Look through the competition until you see some with easy stats that can be defeat without too much of a hassle. Some of them will have a gold amount next to their picture. That means someone has placed a bounty on them. Defeating them will get you that bonus gold and you should try to target these guys for more income.

Fly By Gifts – See those things flying around your city? If you tap them you’ll get rewards like experience and gold. If there too fast you can scroll to screen and go after them.

Gems – Gems can be gotten for free by completing quests. Other than that you’ll have to buy them with real money in the Shop.

Gold – Make sure to place many Income structures as this will be the driving force behind your success. Everything’s cost gold from the Units to the Buildings and your gonna need a lot of it to make it through to the end.

Invading – After defeating someone on a fight you can choose to spend 8 energy to invade there camp for gold and experience. When you get there you’ll see a small 3×3 square. This square can be moved around to select multiple income producing structures for max looting.

Placing Buildings – Things don’t have to be built on road like Sim City. Try to pack in everything as tight as you can so more things can be placed. Roads and tree can be moved or sold to get them out of the way. Starting the process of neatly organizing things early will save time in the end and increase production overall. You might want to change the center road in town so that it’s a cross and not a circle. This will make things more properly align in the surrounding space.

Quests – Many features are tied into Quests and will require you to complete certain ones to advance. Try to stay focused on quest so you don’t get backed up needing to complete several to advance. These are also some of the best ways to earn experience.

Zoom – You can bring 2 fingers together or pull them apart to Pinch and Zoom. This will allow you to zoom out some for a better view of the city. I wish it would zoom out more though.

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