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Age of Sparta UnitsAge of Sparta Units are whats used to fight in the Campaign. Units must be trained in Military and can also be acquired through purchase with Gems or as rewards in the Lottery. This will be a must for moving thought the story and unlocking more feature.

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Unit Types

Each has there own strengths and weaknesses. When hitting the pause button during battle you can find a graphic about what hurts what. This can also be view at the very beginning of battle and is very important when it comes to winning. Make sure to have a full group of warriors for every type ready at a moment notice.

Agile (A) – Gives bonus to magic.

Magic (Lightning Bolt) – Gives bonus to Tough.

Tough (Sword) – Gives bonus to Agile.

Premium (Sun) – Gives bonuses against all others. This is the sun symbol is located in the middle of the damage element graphic.

Military Buildings

Military buildings let you build different units and Boons for engaging the enemy in battle. Elite Military buildings have reduced cost and construction times for units.

Sanctuary of the Gods

Grounds of Ares

Elite Grounds of Ares

Alter of the Gods

Elite Alter of the gods

Ground of Aether

Elite Ground of Aether

Fortification Workshop

Fusion Grounds

Base Structures – Having these military type building is important for improving you initial stats at the start of fighting. It’s noted that having a balance between attack and defense can effect the end result of a battle in a big way. Will not work in Alliance battles.

Land Units

Slingers – The first units available tot he player and has low physical attack power. Don’t invest too much in this guy as he’ll be replaced soon with much better alternatives,

Javelin Throwers








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