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Age of Sparta WalkthroughAn Age of Sparta Walkthrough to help you advance and answer some of those how to questions. There is a ton of stuff to do in Age of Sparta. When your not battling it out with other players or enemies you can build the economy of your city.

Be sure to come back in the near future as this walkthrough can be updated daily with new stuff.

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Age of Sparta Walkthrough

Like most apps you play for the firs time your gonna have to go through some basic training right away. These are necessary to help get new player comfortable and knowledgeable so the game can be fun from the start. I must say that they give you control pretty early without having to be forcefully taken through a bunch of stuff. This can be good or bad as some things can be missed like chest appearing randomly in town.

General Tips

Boosters – These are awesome fro increasing the production of buildings. Loads one with high bonus percentages around your biggest earners to make even more. All basic roads should be upgraded as soon as possible. The earlier this is done the more you’ll make in the long run.

Fusion – This is the process of combining multiple of the same Unit to produce a higher ranked one with better stats. This can only be done up to level 4 which is the max. To do this you’ll have to combine 2 units that are already made. This will dramatically increase to attack and defense on the fused unit turning weak versions into something much bigger.

Gold – This will be one of the main resources in the game and the number 1 things that’s gonna hold you back by not having any. Income building are a must and should be placed according to the time you wan t to collect the profits.

Do you what to play none stop and collect everything every few minutes or do you only have time every 30 minutes or so? Short and long timer structures can be placed from almost the beginning and will be the main source of gold.

Units – These will be vital in defeating your opponents. Having the best Units when going into battle will make the biggest difference in winning or loosing.

YouTube – Search for Age of Sparta Walkthrough on YouTube. They usually have a ton of stuff that may or may not help.

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  1. So question….. What if you want to buy multiple of things but are in a hurry ( mainly I am talking about buildings and boosters) In boost you got floor which keeps buying til you click X but with the others you cannot do this you only buy one thing at a time is there by any chance a faster way to buy things? ( Trying to buy like boosters like Arch, Chariot statue, buildings and such )

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