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Age of Sparta Wiki GuideAge of Sparta Wiki Guide with a growing list of information. Age of Sparta is a Strategy game developed by Gameloft and is available on Android and iOS.

Check back often as this Wiki along with the Guides can be updated regular depending of popularity. Feel free to leave a comment if there is anything you have that might help others or might be useful on this wiki. Unlike Wikia this one can’t be updated by anyone though comments can be left.

Age of Sparta Wiki Guide


Age of Sparta starts out like any other only build and wait type game that are all over mobile. It soon delivers ton of creativeness that puts new spins on all the features. Gain  levels and build your army up into a massive horde ready to conquer all that stands in its way.

Tons of units to choose from that are unlocked as your progress further through the app. Place all kinds of different building that do everything from produce currency to building better units.

This app is sure to keep many busy for a long time with the load of time consuming things to do. Quests will help you gain extra large bonuses and move the story ahead. Placing farms and different businesses will let you collect gold and experience at a rapid past. Plenty of small timer buildings to keep the fun poring in.

Lots of online playtime with ranking boards so you can compete with others. Join or start and Alliance to group up with other folks and compete with rival clans.

For the most part these are the type of games we can expect to get from Gameloft. These guys are at the top of their game and dominating the mobile market. Yo can expect to see some killer graphics and innovative features to keep the gamer spirit alive.

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  1. Can you please add more information to this or give someone else the ability to do so?

  2. I’ve keep buying the fortification workshop and for the 1st time of uses it will tell me that I have reached my total allowance of buildings this need to be fixed

  3. Playing for 9 months at level 99 and cannot get into lovel100 can you helpme

  4. yeah, i have a bunch of important building details in excel:

    Name Yield Time (min) Gold Jewel Population Size (Total Area)
    Wheat Farm 180 1 160 20 9
    Vineyard 210 1 10 10 16
    Quarry 250 1.5 480 15 9
    Tavern 475 5 1500 25 16
    Workshop 700 12 45 30 9
    Stadium 650 30 1870 20 25
    Market 1220 30 15 12 16
    Agora 1000 240 2750 30 36
    Olive Farm 2190 180 55 40 25
    Wood Shop 1700 300 4500 23 16
    Pottery 2300 120 25 17 9
    Sheep Farm 1750 200 5250 20 25
    Mint 2500 90 20 20 16

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