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Agent Alice WalkthroughThis is a Agent Alice Walkthrough showing where all the different items are located. This walkthrough can be updated daily so check back in the near future for new content. If you really like this game you might wanna check out the other games made by this developer on Google Play and iTunes.

Each stage will produce a certain amount of blue stars when the score amount is reached. The score is cumulative and does not have to be reached in one play. To get a better score you will need to find items before the timer runs out at the bottom of the screen. The more you get with the timer running the better the score bonuses will be for each find.

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When starting a stage for the first time it’s best to find all the 4 items first, then start selecting them slowly while looking for the new ones that become available. When the timer is about to run out just tap on one of the already found items to refresh it.

After the initial play of a particular stage the next time you play it there will be more items added to the scene. Then after every blue star that is obtained there will be more items to find the next time the scenario is played. This also increases the amount of points that can be earned.

When an Episode has been completed a new one will become available, but you’ll have to download it via an internet connection to continue. After a stage has been mastered by collecting all the stars the amount of energy needed to play it again is reduced by half from then forward.

Each stage attempt will cost a certain amount of energy. Each energy takes 2 minutes to regenerate and you get a max of 75 energy to start out with. If you don’t want to wait you can change the clock on your device to make the app think you waited.

Agent Alice Walkthrough

Episode 1


Dressing Room

Theater Stage

Episode 2

Central Park


Times Square

Wanda’s Apartment

Episode 3

This is where the developers plan to make some money. You’ll have to wait 7 day and 8 hours before your able to play this episode after completing Episode 2. You can also pay about 1500 cash to skip the waiting period. The cost will go down as the timer goes down. You would have to spend $60 dollars in-game to move on to the next area which is absolutely insane.

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