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Agent Alice Wiki Guide TipsThis is a Agent Alice Wiki with Guides and Tips. Agent Alice is a Hidden Object game developed by Wooga and is available for Android and iOS users.

Be sure to check back in the near future as this Agent Alice Wiki can be updated daily with new guide Guides and Tips depending on popularity.

Agent Alice Wiki Guide Tips

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Higher Score – After the first to items are found within relative quickness of each other a bonus timer will start at the bottom of the screen. While the meter is still going each item found will increase the points earn of the next items found until it’s maxed out at a combo of 6. Then each item will be worth the max 6 combo worth of points. When an item is found while the timer is still going then it will be filled up.

In the beginning of a stage its best to find all of the items before actually tapping one. Then once the bonus meter is started try to look for things you haven’t found yet. When the timer is about to run out tap one of the items you have found to reset it.

No Ads – To play with no ads with having to pay to remove simply disconnect you device from an internet connection.


Agent Alice is free to download a play as has paid options which may seem hard to swallow at times. Most of the game you’ll be searching for different things in many different environments. The story is about some king of magical being that’s causing problems, but leaving behind clues.

Following the clues will lead you to new areas with more things to search for. Each stage has a certain amount of blue stars that will be used to further the story in different ways. When getting a start on a stage and replaying it new item will be added to the scene for searching.

The graphics and drawing are very well drawn and easy to look at. The only set back it that the player can random tap the screen an infinite amount of time to try and find something. This takes the challenge out of things and may allow for things to be completed to easily.


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