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AlphaBetty Saga How To Play Strategy WalkthroughA short AlphaBetty Saga How To Play Strategy with Walkthrough elements. Should help you get the basics down and shed light on anything you might be missing out on. For all related info visit the AlphaBetty Saga Wiki.

This AlphaBetty Saga How To Play Walkthrough might get a update so check back in the near future. Please leave any extra tips and tricks you have in the comments below to help others and feel free to leave questions there as well.

AlphaBetty Saga How To Play, Strategy, Walkthrough

Basics – Swipe your finger from right to left and left to right to make words. You can also make words by connecting letters diagonally in any direction. Basically, as long a s letter touches another it can be used in succession.

Golden Bars – These are a form of paid currency that the developers use to earn money from the app. There are various ways to earn free Golden Bars, but not many. They are mostly used for Boosters, Hearts and lives.

Line Blasts – By making long words you can make Line Blasts blocks (purple). When these are used in making words they will also destroy blocks in the directions of arrows (orange) on the Line Blasts. For more arrows make bigger combinations. You can see in the preview box what you’ll end up before completing an action.

You can control whether the arrows are left, right, up, down or on the corner by how you enter the last block of the word your completing.

Shuffle Booster – The shuffle booster will mix all the pieces on a board. It can be filled for free by making matches, the bigger and longer the better. The meter can be viewed on the bottom right corner of the screen.  More can be acquired at once and they have a stacking ability. You can also buy more Shuffle Boosters with Gold Bars when your all out.

Strategy – A good strategy is to find smaller words and try many different combination to make them long with the blocks around them. You never known when you’ll come across something that can score big points and complete a stage quick.

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