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AlphaBetty Saga Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA helpful AlphaBetty Saga Wiki with Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheats and more. AlphaBetty Saga is a new Word Puzzle game Developed by King and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This AlphaBetty Saga Wiki and the Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks can be updated daily depending on popularity. Cheats can also be added though it will be very unlikely unless they are developer approved, they tend to hurt the pocket book.

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3-Stars – Because of how points can be earned by random Line Blast blocks after completing a stage, replaying can offer dramatically different results. When line blocks explode and hit other ones at the same time the make big point bonuses which really help the star score. Aim for making big word, then hope for the best in the end.

When making long or short words it can never hurt to try different things with the last er letter, never know when you can increase you score with something one or two letters bigger.

Best Practice – The more patient you are the better you will do. Taking time to look for big word and try many combination will get 3 stars on the tough areas. Some king of word calculator would really be helpful, but nothing like that exists like I know of.

Bubbles – These levels can be challenging unless big words are created and used wisely. A match must be made on the bubble tile or Line Blast to remove it from the amount needed for the stage. Breaking crown tiles created by 4 or bigger worded letters will remove a random bubble, but may count towards one use in the match. These stages will always be labeled with a bubble symbol avoid confusion.

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  1. Why does the alphabetty saga game accept made up words?

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