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Arcane Soul Build GuideAn Arcane Soul Build Guide with general information for all classes. Each class has to start the game from the beginning. So if yo decide to change your character after act 4 you’ll have to start over with them.

You might want to keep any epic equipment you find for others characters in case you change in the future. Pets can always be equipped by everyone so keeping a few lower levels ones might be a good idea especially if they kick butt.

Visit our Arcane Soul Wiki and Guide for more info.

Arcane Soul Build Guide

Stat Distribution

You can reset your stats build at any time by paying a small fee. Cost seems to stay pretty low so it’s always within reach. This makes trying other setups during the game a good way to find your strengths and weaknesses.

Strength – For every second point invest during a single upgrade you will get 3 stat increases. The first point is worth 1 while the second point is worth 2 which repeats. This makes it a must to invest at least 2 point  at a time.

Vitality – Like strength, putting 2 stat points into vitality is a must since you’ll get an extra point for defense. HP gain does not receive any bonus for multi point investments.

Dexterity – Each point increase critical hit rate, Attack Speed and Movement Speed by .09%. That amount of bonus gained really isn’t. Equipment will usually give 1% or more bonuses to critical which can be a great source for upgrading critical hit rate.

Intelligence – Is used to increase the total amount of MP. This is probably the least valuable skill since the gain really isn’t that much. Consider strength which will increase the amount of damage for all attacks, including the free normal melee attacks.

If you do a good job of rounding enemies up into groups before hitting them with combo attacks MP level should stay on the full side. When hitting monster they will drop health and mana regen orbs that fill things back up.

Engaging the Enemy

The key to completing stages mid to late game is by using combos. Combine normal free combos with MP using ones for a none stop attack chain. This can be done and is the easiest way to complete stages.

This technique should be practice for use on bosses. When they appear keeping a consistent chain attack directly on them show defeat them pretty easy. For the bigger bosses you have to evade their unstoppable attacks.

Double tapping left or right in a direction than hitting the attack button right away is a good free combo for all classes. What it does is lunch the player forward to damage and pushing things into a group. After so many enemies are bunch up release a couple combo moves. This should produce more obs than you need when done on enough bad guys.


Have a pet is a must for dealing big damage with any build. Check out our Pet Guide for more guidance on the subject. For the most part you can only get them from scrolls in the shop. Attack type will increase your DPS considerably and are a must have.

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