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Arcane Soul Pet GuideAn Arcane Soul Pet Guide with info on different aspects of the feature. There are 2 kinds of pets in the game, those that need to be equipped to work and those the spawn randomly from weapons buffs.

For the most part these are a must have for increasing the amount of damage dealt to enemies. Without a good one the game can seem slower to progress through.

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How To Get

The only way to get Pets is buy purchasing scrolls at the shop. The higher their level the ,ore expensive the scroll will cost. With each scroll there is a low chance at getting an Epic Pet.

How To Use

They are the 3rd equipment slot which can be view on the character info screen. Level restricted like weapons and armor so you’ll have to be at least the same level to wear it. They will also take up inventory space.

During battle they will simple tag along without engaging the enemy. There only good for there equipment bonuses and their good looks.


White – Only influence stat.

Blue – Influence and up to 3 additional buffs

Purple – Seems the same as blue

Orange – Is this epic?

Higher level means better stats across the board and will always have higher stat then it’s lower level counter part.


Every pet gets one of these randomly so all of them are basically the same besides elemental properties.

Attack – Attacks the enemy when you attack. Increases DPS by good amount like a permanent buff that’s always on and only needs to be equip. Extra damage has orange color during battleĀ  more than normal to show it’s your pets damage numbers.

The amount of damage caused is a must have for progressing through the game. It’s so big that if you don’t have one it’s probably why your stuck going slowly through the game. Even the smallest version is better than nothing. Higher influence stat means more damage output, increase by get higher level gear.

Defense – ?

Support – ?

Weapon Buffs

Some weapons will have buffs that spawn random pets to your aid in battle per hit chance. It will also stay for a short time before it disappears. There can be multiple spawn by a weapon at the same time. These are completely different versions than then scroll rewards that have to be equipped. These are clones of enemies found in the game. So between weapon buffs and equipment you can have a small army by your side kicking some evil butt.

Arcane Soul Pet List

Battle Fairy

Defense Fairy

Captain Whale – Water

Earth Turtle – Earth

Flame Dragon – Fire

Holy Sheep – Light

Night Cat – Dark

Royal Griffin – Air

Support Fairy

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