Mar 092015

Arcane Soul Wiki GuideAn Arcane Soul Wiki with Guides and a growing information center. Arcane Soul is a free to play Role Playing game developed by mSeed and is available on Android and iOS.

This Arcane Soul Wiki  along with it’s Guides will be updated with new content depending on popularity. For the most part we’ll try and cover all the major stuff. Be sure to check back in the near future for new and updated material.

Arcane Soul Wiki Guide

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  • Luke (Easy)
  • Elisa (Normal)
  • Lith (Hard)
  • Best Character

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Arcane Soul is one of the few good free to play RPG’s on mobile. I’m surprised that the app doesn’t have more downloads since it’s better than most of them out there in the same category. Mayne it’s just not a big earner for the mobile companies so they keep it further down on the lists.

Most players hungry for an RPG are going to find this app satisfying. Battle through tons of stages on 3 difficulties finding all kinds of loots. Weapons and armor come with all kinds of great bonus from using magic attacks on strike or summoning a buddy to help out randomly.

At the end of every area you can expect to face a tough boss with lots of monsters surrounding it for some good fights. After each area is completed you can participate in a Challenge mode where you try to get as far as possible with the rewards getting greater as you go.

Bring pets along with you into battle for extra buffs and damage. Upgrade weapons, armor and pets to make them even stronger.

There’s no time limit on this app just none stop play action until you need to take a break like games should be.


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