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AstroWings 2 Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsAn AstroWings 2 Wiki with Guides and FAQ along with Tips, Tricks, and Cheats. AstroWings2: Legend of Heroes is an Arcade Plane Shooter developed by Livezen and is available both for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This AstroWings 2 Wiki including the Guides, Trips, Tricks and Cheats can be updated according to popularity. So check back in the near future for fresh new content.

AstroWings 2 Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats

Best Hero – By tapping on your profile picture you can view the list of available heroes. Each hero has 1 or 2 unique skills that will set them apart from the rest in battle. For me I think the best hero is Captain Atros due to his 20% attack bonus, though the others are good in many situation as well. Ryell would be the best hero for getting coins and power-ups with his magnet buff, a good companion for grinding and farming.

Cards – Cards are the best way to get new gear. You can get cards for free from Daily Missions and by playing bosses again. The upgraded card boss version will be stronger and harder to defeat. To use a card simple go into your Inventory and select Draw. You can also pay gems for cards that you might not have. There are two different types of cards, Advanced which can produce S, A, and B rank gear along with Normal ones that will only produce rank B, C, and D that will have lower stats.

Combos – The more enemies that you can kill consistently the bigger rewards you can get for combos, when you miss only one bad guys it gets reset to zero. This is by far the fastest way to earn money and is best to start from the first stage to really build up the combo potential. Having things with the Guided weapon will help clean up the stragglers.

  • 50=$100
  • 100=$300
  • 200=$700
  • ?

Dice – Dice can be found during stages from boss drops and when destroying meteors. Dice can be used be used to gain random prizes like rubies, money and other things. Not sure how honest the Dice are as I seem to get money 7 times in a row after 1 stage while trying to time for the good stuff. I’m sure eventually you’ll get something nice.

Fast Leveling – The fastest way to level up is to always start on the first stage and try to get as far as you can. This will let the player travel through the easiest to the hardest stages killing more for faster growth. Time is a factor as you can only play 5 times with each life taking 15 minutes to come back. Starting from the beginning will let lives regenerate more while your playing and build character levels. The next things to do would be to use boosters like the +20% Exp for $5000. A little expensive, but if you have the extra cash.

Free Rubies – You can get free rubies in a number of different ways. Besides that you have to pay for them which might not be for everyone. You should be able to get enough early to unlock a couple heroes or other things that cost rubs. In the long run Daily Missions will produce more than anything else.

  • Complete various mission objectives.
  • Daily missions which can be found on the Ready screen.
  • 20 for maxing a characters level at 30.
  • Rolling Dice which can be found from boss drops and and other parts of stages.

Missions – Right now there are 90 different mission that can be completed for $, Rubies and Enhance Points. The early ones are pretty easy to complete while many of the late game missions will take some time to accomplish.

Stage – There are currently 21 stages available with more coming soon. To open up the next stage you’ll need to beat the boss. Once a boss has been defeated you can start a run on the next stage. If the boss wasn’t beaten and ran away than you’ll have to play though the stage again, unless you beat the next boss on the same run.

Synthesize – Inside your inventory there is a Synthesize option that allows the combining of multiple items. First choose the Main item that you would like to improve, then select something else as the Material. Gold can be spent to i,rove the chance of success. Can be a great place to get ride of too many items in the Inventory.


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