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Atulos Online Walkthrough Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Best ClassA Atulos Online Walkthrough & Strategy Guide FAQ with Tips and Tricks. Atulos Online is a free-to-play MMORPG on Steam, release date was Apr 30, 2016. The gameplay is slightly like diablo with loads of originality. Choose between 8 characters and run through various gauntlet like dungeons, pvp arena and other areas leveling up along the way while buy and looting new gear.

Check back in the near future for new and updated content including Walkthroughs, Guides, Tips and Tricks. Feel free to leave comment with questions or helpful info.

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Atulos Online Walkthrough Guide Wiki

At the beginning you can find Swords, Axes and Staffs costing 2600 by going far east to the Magical Seal in Area 7. These are the best weapons to buy before obtaining amulets from chests and opening new places to explore.

If things feel on the difficult side than it’s probably time to upgrade equipment again. Your best bet is to save up for the strongest items you can find for purchase.

Basic Instructions

Amulets of Atulos – These can be found in chests that must be unlocked with keys dropped from stronger monsters. It’s recommended that you have pretty high level for your area before attempting for ease of use.

Death – When dying from HP reaching zero you’ll spawn at the lasted Inn rested at with possible loss of items and statistics.

Guild – You can create or join a guild by typing in the chat box, “/guild” then “Guild Name”.

Restore HP – You can fill you health back to full by visiting an Inn. HP will also fill back up when standing still away from enemies. HP potions can be made at the House of Alchemy in the Forest for health restoration on the go.

Saving – Game is saved when sleeping at Inns and exiting the game using the Esc button.

Sound Controls – On the Main Menu screen press Ctrl+S to turn off all sound. During gameplay using Ctrl+S will toggle through All Sound, Just Background Sound, Just Music and No Sound, but the sound will return to normal when changing screens.

Targeting Enemies – You can attack enemies by dragging the mouse of them and holding down left click. Standing in the way will also initiate battle. Fighting things can some times be a little tricky. Making sure to keep the mouse pointer over the target will produce the most accuracy consistent DPS.


From what I can tell so far these are the basic differences between characters/classes.

Earth/Fire Mage – High attack, high accuracy and low defense with Robes deflecting some damage from enemies.

Earth Knight – Lower attack, medium accuracy and high defense. Uses swords with accuracy rather than force.

Fire Knight – Medium attack, lower accuracy and high defense. Uses sword with more force than skill.

Earth Dwarf – Lower attack, medium accuracy and high defense. Uses Axe with balance of force and skill.

Fire Dwarf – Medium attack, lower accuracy and high defense. Uses Axe with more force than skill.

Earth Warrior – High attack, lower accuracy and mid defense. Uses Axe with brute strength and wears a brace for protection. This class seems to hit the hardest with an axe.

Fire Guardian – High attack, lower accuracy and mid defense. Uses sword with no rival and wears a shield for protection. This class seems to hit the hardest with a sword.


Area 1

Inn – Outlander Cottage

Man – “Click door to open shop”


  • Iron Sword 50g
  • Oak Staff 50g
  • Iron Axe 50g
  • Battle Shield 60g
  • Mage Robe 70g
  • Studded Brace 50g

Area 2


1-1 – There are 3 chest here with the door key found on the second armored goblin, then locked door is located middle of south wall.

1-2 – Door key is S, Door SE

1-3 – Door Key east corner, locked door SE

1-4 – Door Key drops S right next to the locked door.

1-5 – Amulet Chest Key on east side just slightly south. The amulet chest is in the east hall that must be entered from the south side.

Area 3

Farmer – “There are many shops in Atu’los”


  • Silver Sword 120
  • Willow Staff 140
  • Silver Axe 130
  • Enchanted Shield 110
  • Enchanted Robe 140

Area 4

Arena Gate Path –

Inn – Settlers Tavern

Man – “When defeated in battle you will return to the last Inn you rested at”

Shop – The Blacksmith

  • Broad Sword 330
  • Cedar Staff 380
  • Battle Axe 320
  • Master Shield 360
  • Enchanted Brace 120

Area 5

Left Guard – “You must posses 1 Amulet of Atu’los to enter this dungeon sealed by magic”

Right Guard – “The Amulets of Atu’los act as keys to the ancient kingdom”

Water Boy – “The Temple of Atu’los contains rare ancient weapons it is said”

Shop – These weapons and armor aregood for dungeon 2 and just happens to be located right outside.

  • Enchanted Sword 1260
  • Mage Staff 1400
  • Enchanted Axe 1120
  • Master Robe 360
  • Master Brace 340






2-5 Amulet of Atu’los

Area 6

Left Temple Guard – “Need 3 Amulets of Atu’los to enter”

Right Temple Guard – “The temple is a place to be feared”

Suspicious Cow/Donkey/Deer – ???

Forest Path – Need 2 Amulets of Atu’los to enter.

Temple Path – Requires 3 Amulets

Area 7

Inn – The Goblet and Chalice


  • Master Sword 1580
  • Enchanted 1800
  • Master Axe 1510
  • Mithril Sword 2500
  • Master Staff 2600
  • Mithril Axe 2580

Magical Seal Entry – Need 2 Amulets

Area 8



The Castle can be reached be going east on Area 7.

Amulet of Atu’los in chest on east wall.

Shop – Castle Amory on west wall.

  • Royal Sword 3100
  • Druid Staff 3400
  • Royal Axe 3100
  • Shield of Atu’los 1280
  • Robe of Atu’los 1370
  • Brace of Atu’lus 1200

Walkthrough Videos

Tips & Tricks

DPS – When fighting monsters the altercation can take place without permission of the player. In this case an auto fighting battle sequence will initiate, by randomly tapping the right mouse button or Ctrl key you may? increase damage output.

Keys – Get keys to doors and chest from enemies drops. The bigger the take down the better the reward.

Best Character/Class & Poll

From what I can tell so far the best character for DPS would be the Mage because of staffs being the most expensive weapon along with robes being the most expensive armor. Plus, robes have a passive ability to return damage back to the attacker. But, from what I can tell things seem to be almost identical between all classes when it comes to the same level and gear tiers.

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