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Auto Battle CD Key Codes Exchange Guide Tips CheatsThis is a Auto Battle CD Key Codes and Exchange Guide for people with questions including some Tips and Cheats. When tapping on the Gift button on the Main screen you’ll notice a yellow CDKey button on the bottom left. Here you can enter CDKey codes. This is exchanged to to gain special rewards by jumping through a few hoops.

Since this information is so hard to find unless they searched for it on Google these are probably gateways from other apps. Many time publishers will advertise other game inside there apps with lures of in game currency. Luckily the devs have made this info available to search for the masses.

Be sure to visit our Auto Battle Wiki for a growing list of information that can be updated daily depending on how popular it is. Make to to come back in the near future for potential updates.

Auto Battle CD Key Codes Exchange Guide

The process of getting CDKey’s can be a little tricky for some so here’s a guide with some tips to help you out. For the most part you’ll just need to like the developers Facebook page. Then you will be given a code that can be exchanged in game for rewards of gems and other things.

How to get a CDKey Steps:

1. Your gonna have to visit this specific Auto Battle Facebook link for the starting process.

2. Click the Accept button to link up with the Auto Battle Facebook app. Now you’ll be redirected to another screen.

3. Here you’ll see  big flashing words saying to like for rewards. After Clicking “Like”you have to click once more on “Confirm” where like was. This will redirect you to another screen which is asking you to confirm the Like. When finished the code will appear in the brown box that was by the initial like button.

4. Right down the code or enter it in right away inside Auto Battle to claim you rewards.

The process is ridiculously long for a simple thumbs up on social media. My guess is there has to be a better way to do. The amount of steps that need to go through are enough to deter many players I’m guessing. But it get’s the job done so you can get some freebies to help things move along a little smother.

Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Cheats – Having been in situations where customers entered promo codes I know that somewhere there’s a list. God power that can be bestowed to anyone with the right long winded combination so they can cheat. These are probably used more for special interested parties and friends or family. They should have giveaways for VIP bonuses and life time free memberships to stuff.

Free Relics – You can get free relics by combining items in the Smelt that are Epic and Legendary quality. This item will look orange like Legendary but have a glow light running around the edge of it’s thumbnail. Relics will have extra bonuses for various stats and features along with unique crafting options.

Smelting – When Smelting it’s a good idea to watch for the better item symbol showing up on the Gear tap. When it does you should go and see if the item can help. Often it might be close to useful or sometimes even not so good, but many time you’ll find something useful. The smelt is the best place to find gear when your lacking in certain areas. Lower level items can be sold for gold while many if the higher tier stuff should be used for finding relics.

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  1. The link for the Facebook CD Key is broken – I got a message that there was an error and that the page didn’t exist

  2. Cd keys for vip1? A lot of people have got it and I’ve searched as hell. Im vip0 and there is a way to get vip1 for free. It’s killing me to not know it. I’d appreciate it a lot if someone liked to help with that :=

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