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Auto Battle Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsAn Auto Battle Wiki, Guide and FAQ along with Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Auto Battle is a MMORPG that plays automatically even when offline. It’s developed by Playcomet and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Auto Battle Wiki, Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats depending on popularity. Come back in the near future for new content. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment below. This app is almost identical to another called EZ PZ RPG, if you like this one you’ll probably like that one as well.

Auto Battle Wiki

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Best Class – Since the Warrior is the best class in there other title called EZ PZ RPG I’m guessing that it will be the best in this app as well. I could be wrong though so feel free to vote on the poll below so others can have a better idea of what to use.

Boss Challenges – Boss Challenges are needed to attempt to beat a boss and move onto the next area. These will recover over time and are rewarded as developers gifts and other achievements.

Mall – The Mall is like a Shop in many other apps and is a great place to find all kinds of good things. Often you can find equipment that’s higher than your level and is very useful for defeating bosses and speeding up exp and gold gain. When buying key and other things try to get them when there on sale. When stuff isn’t on sale you can end up paying a lot more.

Reset – There isn’t a way to reset a character. The only way to start new is to choose another server when opening the app. This will start from scratch like you just installed the game with nothing on the other server being transferred over.

Skills – As the game progress more and more skills will be unlocked and will be able to be used at the same time. Each class has 10 skills total while Heroes will only have 6. Not all skills are good for every situation. Things that can stun or attack multiple enemies are usually winners.

Smelting – Smelting is one of the best ways to get Artifacts which are the highest quality items that can be equipped. Artifacts can be acquired when breaking down gear that is orange. Once enough Smelt points have been acquired you can also make Artifacts along with Rep point gotten from the Arena. The gear that is bought can often be a higher level than the player giving them a good advantage at there current place on the Map.


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