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Barriss Offee - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesBarriss Offee is one of the best healers in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and is a must have for almost any party. The hard part is gonna be getting your hands on this little lady as they only seem to drop from Data Cards at the moment. She has one of the highest HP amounts in the game and is often the last one standing, like a boss.

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Attacks & Abilities

Invigorating Strike – Deals physical damage with a chance to heal all party members at the same time according to Barriss Offee’s HP. This is a good move to have to keep the party up a little easier.

Force Healer – Equalizes each party members HP, then each member recovers a percentage of there health. This skill works really good if 1 or 2 units have low health when the rest are pretty full, they should fill  almost all they way back up. This skill works really bad when everyone has almost no HP left as the party just wont heal that much. For the most part it works really well is the majority of situations.

No One Left Behind (Leader) – This passive ability will only work if Barriss is in the party lead position that is choosen before entering battle. After a party member takes their turn in battle they will heal HP for a certain percentage of Offee’s HP. Can’t have too much healing.

Swift Recovery – Has a 25% chance to remove one negative status effect from each allied Jedi and gain turn meter for each one removed. Works best in a fuller party of Jedi.

Things can be slow going especially in the beginning and end. This Walkthrough & Leveling Guide might open up some new avenues.


So far the only place I have been able to find Barriss Offee shards is when opening Bronzium Data Cards, though there probably in the other cards as well. Her shards come in a much larger amount than most dropped in data cards. The first time I got her the game simply gave my the whole character (50 shards) without having to save up. IN the same roll 2 cards later I got her again so they dished out 32 shards instead of a full level up worth.

I have to say I was pretty excited to get a new healer and Jedi in one when things were seeming hard to find new playable characters. Here’s some info on the Best Character that might help shed some light on things.

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