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Bingo Crush Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsA Bingo Crush Wiki that has Guides and FAQ’s sprinkled in with some Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Bingo Crush is a Casino game developed by FunGameStudio and is currently only available on Android at Google Play, it’s not yet out for iOS on iTunes, though there is a title with the same name which is a little older.

Visit back in the near future for added info. This Bingo Crush Wiki, Guide and FAQ along with the Tips, Trick and Cheats can be updated regularly depending on popularity. Don’t forget to check the comment below for questions and answers.

Bingo Crush Wiki

Guide FAQ

Collection – Every theme will have different collectables that can be won during play. When collecting all 12 in a Set inside an area you’ll receive rewards. Working towards our goal will also trigger free gift via star ranked achievements. You can see how many are left on the outside of a theme, but will have to enter it and tap the collection button in the bottom left to see there pictures.

Keys – Keys are needed to open chest at the end of games. Chest can contain all kinds of good stuff and are usually well worth the open. There is no cancel button see you have to open them when you have the keys. You can get free key by leveling up, achievements, gifts, chests and daily bonuses. Other than that you’ll have to buy them with real money.

Rooms – Each of the 3 sections have different rooms that can be played in, each having it’s own theme. When starting the game for the first time you’ll have to download an area or theme prior to playing it. If you play with 3 or 4 boards your gonna have to switch between them with the top left button, kind of a pain but it works. Outside of each theme you can view the amount of people playing it in real time along with the collectibles still missing.

  • World Tour – This is the normal bingo that everybody is probably used to with 12 different earth locations to visit. The balls will go across the top of the screen from left to right and the player simply needs to tap the corresponding number on the board.
  • Special -
  • Festival Celebration -

SR Points – SR points are needed to increase the players VIP rank. They can be acquired through purchase with real money and in game gifts.

Tickets – To play a board in the game your gonna need a ticket for every one. So if you wanna try your luck with 4 boards in one game your gonna have to pay with 4 tickets. You can get free tickets in various manners like leveling and chests among many other ways. There is also a timer counting down that will replenish your stock every 24 hours or so. To make them last longer try to play with only enough boards as you can handle without being wasteful by missing many balls.

Treasure Chests – When filling your power meter you can get rewarded with chest that will randomly appear on numbers. If the number is called on you tap the chest then it will get picked up. When the match is over you’ll need to spend keys to open them for free gifts.

VIP – The VIP Club is a mostly premium feature that allows for various benefits. The VIP level can be raised with SR points. You can view your current level by taping the SR button in the top right while on the home screen.

Tips and Tricks

Power Meter – When trying to fill the power meter you have to wait a cooldown period before doing so again. Try to save at least 3 tiles that can be selected for when the meter will be ready again. That way you can fill it right away. Try to keep even more open for when the reward is bingo tiles, this will increase your chances of having it open up on a playable tile.


Cheats are hard to come by on mobile apps. This is probably due to the facts that the developers make there cash in game and not on purchase. Putting in shortcuts would destroy their income and profits.


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  1. I cannot find where you can call BINGO in the “Candy” Room/Level. Please advise! Thank you!!!!

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