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Blood Brothers 2 Wiki Guide TipsBlood Brothers 2 Wiki and Guide with a growing database of info that official wiki’s miss. Blood Brothers 2 is developed by DeNA Corp and is available on Android and iOS. This app is free to play with payed options. An internet connection is also needed to play.

Be sure to check back in the near future as this Blood Brothers 2 Wiki and Guide can be updated daily depending on popularity.

Blood Brothers 2 Wiki Guide

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First Strike – Making sure that you attack the enemies first can be the difference between winning and loosing. It will also help save HP recovery throughout gameplay.

Strength vs Weakness – Each enemy has a weakness determined by it’s colored symbol. Knowing who to attack with what will make a big difference in how easy it is to complete battles. The same also goes for your team. Try not to put units in positions where their going to take a lot of damage because their enemy is targeting their weakness. Staying focused on these thing will help out a bunch in the long run.


Many people have already played the first installment of Blood Brothers. If you like that one then you’ll probably love Blood Brothers 2. A strategic RPG with many different variation to defeat enemies.

Choose from hundreds of different commanders in you quest to rid evil from the world. Take multiple unit types into battle and change them around each round to target enemies weaknesses.

There is plenty to do with tons of loot and units to play with. Engage large bosses that will challenge your set up. After each battle your units will gain experience and increase their level which will in turn raise their stats and make them stronger.

Choose Diplomacy or Death when you give enemies the chance to join you or cut them down where they stand. Join others in the fight online and take this RPG to the next level.


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