Mar 162015

Blood & Glory Immortals Best ClassThere are 3 different classes to choose from in Blood & Glory: Immortals. The best class can both depend on your play style and the skill set of the character. Keep in mind that the game can be completed with all of them only some may be harder than others. Feel free to vote below on who you think the best is. Also check out our Tips & Tricks for other good stuff.

Classes can be change anytime during play be going into Settings in Town and selecting “Switch Hero”. Each one starts out fresh and new though inventory space will be carried over, not contents or currency. I would recommend trying each one out before getting to far ahead.

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This class is the best for high DPS to single target, though groups can also easily be taking down with amazing long range AoE normal attacks. Right away this character feels like it’s over powered. Fusion and Evolution will take this hero and make her a whirlwind of ranged pain. You’ll save a ton of health potions in the long run be staying out of harms way.

This is my personal favorite as she’s the only one with free ranged attacks. This makes killing from afar and looting breakable go much smoother and fast. Which in turn will help those time rating at the end of each mission.


This class is the best for defense as he carries a shield and many skills are centered around defense. He would be a balance between attack and defense when compared to the others.

For attack you’ll be relying on a single sword that can often knock down opponents leaving the paralyzed on the ground. Many bosses can even be knock to the ground. This is great for dealing massive damage without the chance of getting hurt yourself in the process. Has very short range with normal attacks.


Not what you’d think with his melee normal attacks. Has a great skill for evading enemies when up close and personal putting the hurt on. This one is more gear towards mana usage with it’s true power coming from skills. Focuses on dealing heavy blows with lots of critical damage.

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