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Blood & Glory Immortals EvolutionIn Blood & Glory: Immortals equipment can go through the process called Evolution making it better. The item must first be maxed out using Fusion. This will add a star to the thumbnail picture of the Evolved item showing that it has been improved. For help in other area you can look through our Walkthrough.

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Blood & Glory: Immortals Evolution

How To Use

Enter the Inventory from Town and select the item to be improved, then tap the upgrade button on the bottom of the screen. You now see how many materials are going to be need for the upgrade.

First the item will need to be improved to the maximum level through Fusion. What the max level is reached the item can than be upgraded with Evolution. Unlike Fusion which requires you to use old gear, Evolving uses different items like the Blood, Heart, Eyes and Tears of Lamia. These materials can be found as drops in missions or acquired from the Tributes. Material can also be purchased using Gems which is a much more expensive alternative. When purchasing with Gems buying everything at once will not offer any discount.

Low level gear can only be Evolved 3 times while more rare qualities like Epic and Legendary can be done more than 3. Since you have mostly Armor and HP potions are so hard to come by improving your defense can help out a bunch. Having a good weapon is just as important when it come to defeating enemies fast as to not take too much damage.

When To Use

Since the materials need to Evolve stack in the inventory it might be better to save them for high quality stuff like Epic and Legendary. New gear can come pretty fast in the beginning so wasting it on them isn’t a good idea for the long haul.

Check out some Tips & Tricks that can help the game go along a little smother. The way these apps are geared these days your gonna need all the help you can get.

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