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Blood & Glory Immortals FusionIn Blood & Glory: Immortals you can use Fusion to upgrade equipment and make it stronger. Up to 6 items can be fused to the piece of equipment being modified. Some items will offer more experience than others which can be seen on the bottom right of the screen while selecting items. For guidance through tough obstacles please visit our Walkthrough.

Fusion can only improve something so far where it will be maxed out. The next step is to use Evolution to make the item a higher tier. This will then allow for more fusing, though the max will increase and leveling it up will take more exp.

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How To Use

Go into your Inventory and select the item you would like to improve, then tap the Upgrade button below it. This will bring you to a menu where you can select Fusion, Evolution and Socket. Selecting Fusion will bring you to a screen with 6 blinking crosses. The item in the middle is the one being improved. Tap a cross to add an item, all six can be added from here and you don’t have to keep going in and out.

When finished adding things you’ll see how much exp you’ll get and the cost at the bottom. Tap select to go to the final area where you’ll see how much the items is going to be improved. When ready select Fuse Now to finish the process.

This will raise the level be a certain amount based on the exp for combined items. Better quality gear means more exp. Once the max level is achieved you can than use Evolution and start the process over.

This will make equipment stronger increasing both the main stats along with any bonuses. It will also raise the GS rating of your player which is important for entering many mission.

Here’s some Tips & Tricks that might help out in one way or another. Some things can go unseen making progression slower.

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