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Blood & Glory Immortals WalkthroughBlood & Glory: Immortals Walkthrough with guidance and tips for many situations. For the most part this is a pretty smooth sailing game. No energy need to keep playing so you can put in some long hours. This walkthrough will be updated regular until it’s of some worth. Check back in the near future for updates.

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Blood & Glory: Immortals Walkthrough

In the beginning everything is going to be pretty easy. This is is the basic entry course we can expect when playing a new app for the first time.You learn how to move, attack, use skills and craft weapons and armor to make them stronger.

Gear Score (GS) – This is a rating that’s increased by equipping better gear. Every mission has a recommended amount that should be taken into account before entering. On some mission you will have to have the recommended amount before entering. Using Fusion, Evolution and Sockets will also raise the number. This isn’t a guaranteed number that lets you know when things are easy enough to complete, but it’s close. Later in the game certain items can be improved more than others making the GS slightly less accurate.

Rarity – There are 4 different types of rarity and they include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Legendary is going to be the best stuff you can find and well worth upgrading. To find the best equipment you’ll have to be lucky with drops or purchase it in the Tribute.

Time – You can get better rewards when completing a stage by beating it in certain times. The faster you do the better the stuff. Getting an A rating can be very difficult in many areas. The best things to do is lead the group of enemies to the exit and fight them there. When there all dead you can simply move on the next enemy spawn spot and repeat. This wont always help especially when there are many ranged fighters, but it can be a big help in lots of scenarios.

YouTube – Search for a Blood & Glory: Immortals Walkthrough on YouTube. Though there’s usually a lot of garbage there can also be some good stuff.

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