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Blood & Glory: Immortals Wiki GuideA Blood & Glory Immortals Wiki Guide with a growing database of information. Blood & Glory Immortals is an Actions game developed by Glu and is available on Android and iOS.

This Wiki and Guide will be updated daily so check back in the near future. If there is anything you would like to share feel free to leave a comment below.

Blood & Glory: Immortals Wiki Guide


Another great RPG like Diablo with hours of playtime and lots of gear. Takes place in the Rome era with gladiator style actions. There 3 different classes to choose from: Gladiator, Barbaress and Warlock. Each has there own unique skills set and equipment.

Travel to different locations including Rome, Crete and Olympus battling hordes of monsters as you go. Each one has many different mission with things getting harder as you go.

There is an absolute ton of gear to find as droppable loot and win or purchase in the Tribute. Each piece of gear can be upgraded to raise it’s strength. Then when maxed out you can evolve it to the next stage for even more power. Then add sockets where special Spirits can be inserted for additional bonuses.

Skills are a must and can be improved for better performance. Choose from several passive and attack skills for each class making them feel and play differently. Learn powerful ones early with special currency or wait until the required level to open up with Gold.

The inventory start off with a good capacity of 50 which is a lot better than other games out their. You soon fill it with all kinds of goodies and you destroy evil. Start a guild or join someone else s for help , guidance and a sense of online community.

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