Mar 192015
Age of Sparta Boosters

Age of Sparta Boosters are one of the most useful things in the whole game. By placing them next to Income producing building they will increase the amount they produce. By placing them next to Military building they will reduce the amount of time it takes to train something. You should try to place Boosters earlier rather than […]

Mar 192015
Age of Sparta Specials

Age of Sparta Specials are structures that can be placed to collect earning from multiple other building in there radius. Each one will cost Gems to place it’s amazingness though you’ll get one of each free from Quest early on, but not a free Academy. Specials are a major time saver and help fix what is […]

Mar 192015
Age of Sparta Income

Age of Sparta Income buildings are use to increase you city’s economy. These are a must for moving forward in the game and purchasing many of the things that app has to offer. Each one will require a certain amount of population to build so those structures will need to be placed first above all. […]

Mar 152015
Age of Sparta Units

Age of Sparta Units are whats used to fight in the Campaign. Units must be trained in Military and can also be acquired through purchase with Gems or as rewards in the Lottery. This will be a must for moving thought the story and unlocking more feature. Visit our Age of Sparta Wiki Guide for […]