Jan 202016
CrashLands Crafting Recipes Tools Stations Resources Planet

In CrashLands there are tons of Crafting applications available to the public via schematics and recipes. Many of which include indetachable applications such as Tools, Stations, Resources found around the Planet environment. Crafting is overboard with creativeness and combinations. Making and breaking down items is a big part of the game along with find recipes […]

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Jan 202016
CrashLands Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Walkthrough Cheats

A place destine for CrashLands Wiki info, Guides, FAQ stuff, Tip, Walkthroughs and Cheats, or destined to fail from sever lack of content. CrashLands is Survival and Exploration RPG developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is available for Android, iOS and Steam. I’m hoping this thing is the next Minecraft Terraria Diablo hybrid for mobile and […]

Dec 262015
Magic Rush Heroes Academy Alters Kingdom Iron Crystal Silver Medicine

Magic Rush Heroes Academy is a place to earn resources passively while the game is both on and off. Inside the Academy you’ll find the Kingdom and 4 different Alters along with 5 different permanent stat upgrades on the bottom including HP, AD Attack Damage, AR Armor, AP Ability Power and MR Magic Resistance. You […]

Dec 262015
Magic Rush Heroes Wiki Guide Tip Cheats Walkthrough

A Magic Rush Heroes Wiki and Guide with updated Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and more. Magic Rush Heroes is a RPG Tower Defense game free for download on Android at Google Play and iOS on iTunes with combinations of many other popular mobile games. This game is a must play as it has a refreshing new […]

Dec 122015
Star Wars Uprising Salvage Gears Crystals Symbols Tips

Star Wars Uprising Salvage is an option for removing gears from the inventory when things fill up other than selling things. When using Salvage items will be changed into exp for upgrading gear and crystals for increasing gear and crews star count. The higher a star rating on an item the better quality salvage rewards […]