May 252015
Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Guide Walkthrough Tips

A Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Guide with Tips and potential Walkthrough. The Labyrinth costs 2 friend points to enter and players may receive large amounts of gold by participating in the weekly rankings. The best way to do good and get far in is to have a strong party. I’ve notice big healing parties get killed […]

May 222015
Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide Walkthrough

A Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide and Walkthrough with brief info on somethings and more depth on others. Check out our Dragon Blaze Wiki for even more related info including tips and tricks. This Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide and short Walkthrough will be added to in the near future so check back soon. Please leave any […]

May 202015
Dragon Blaze Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat

A Dragon Blaze Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s that can be updated regularly with new Tips, Tricks and possible Cheats. Dragon Blaze is an Role Playing game developed by GAMEVIL and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. This Dragon Blaze Wiki along with it’s Guides, FAQ’s, Tips, Tricks and […]