Apr 172015

The EZ PZ RPG Guild is located on the top middle of the Home screen. Once per day you can tap the Sign In button to collect a small gift of exp, tribute, and gold. The experience from the Sign In will go towards your Guild level which is shown at the top of the […]

Apr 172015
EZ PZ RPG Newbie Prizes

EZ PZ RPG Newbie Prizes can be claimed when you first start playing. The way to do so however is nearly impossible for the normal player to even have a clue how to do it. Like me you probably went through every flippin screen and setting looking for something, anything. After checking out the bellow […]

Apr 152015

EZ PZ RPG Blitz is a feature that is unlocked when the player reaches VIP level 1. Boss Blitz will let you play through many bosses in succession gaining bigger rewards as you go. Certain VIP levels will have chance of doubling the rewards. For real info check out our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide. […]

Apr 142015

In the EZ PZ RPG gems shop there is an options an R2 Card for $4.99. The description is far from self explanatory so I’ll go over everything so you have a better picture of what to expect. For a full list of related content check out our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide. When you […]

Apr 142015
EZ PZ RPG Relics

EZ PZ RPG Relics are the highest quality gear you can get and have more options than any other gear. They will always have an extra buff that will offer a unique bonus along with more upgrade options.View are full list of EZ PZ content on our Wiki and Guide. They are basically exactly like […]