Jun 132015
Slayin Classes/Character Guide Easy Fame Points

A short Slayin Classes/Character Guide and info about Easy Fame Points. For everything related on this domain check out the Slayin Wiki. This Slayin Classes/Character Guide and Easy Fame Points info can be updated in the future so check back. Slayin Classes/Character Guide Knight The Knight can buy armor, faster walking speed and attack distance […]

Jun 122015
Slayin Bosses Rush Mode Guide Strategy Walkthrough

Info on Slayin Bosses and Boss Rush Mode with Guides,Strategy and Walkthroughs. For a list of all related things on this domain visit the Slayin Wiki, Guide & FAQ. This Slayin Bosses Guide, Strategy and Walkthrough will be updated regularly until finish. Leave any helpful comments with anything good or questions below. Bosses Guide, Strategy […]

Apr 022015
Slayin Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Walkthrough

This is a Slaying Wiki with FAQ and Guides along with Tips, Tricks and Walkthrough information. Slayin is an arcade style RPG developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG, though it just came out on Android on Google Play this app has been out for over a year for iOS on iTunes, though apple often […]