Dec 122015
Star Wars Uprising Salvage Gears Crystals Symbols Tips

Star Wars Uprising Salvage is an option for removing gears from the inventory when things fill up other than selling things. When using Salvage items will be changed into exp for upgrading gear and crystals for increasing gear and crews star count. The higher a star rating on an item the better quality salvage rewards […]

Dec 062015
Star Wars Uprising Best Class Species Abilities Skills

Below is information on Star Wars Uprising Best Class/Species and Abilities. For the most part things are pretty straight forward without any complicated calculations needing to take place. Visit the Star Wars: Uprising Wiki for all related mobile game info on this domain. Class/Species There are 4 species or classes to choose from at the […]

Dec 052015
Star Wars: Uprising Wiki Guide Tips Tricks FAQ Cheat

A Star Wars: Uprising Wiki with Guides, Tip and Tricks, FAQ and possibly by some miracle some Cheats. Star Wars Uprising is a Role Playing RPG developed by Kabam and is available free for download for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. This Star Wars: Uprising Wiki can be updated regularly with new […]