Feb 282015
The Escapists Bed Dummy

The Escapists Bed Dummy is placed in your bed at night so the guards wont know that you left. It’s made by using a Bed Sheet and 2 Pillows and requires 30 Int. You can only place it in your cell and not other inmates. The easiest way to get the items for crafting the […]

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Feb 272015
The Escapists Best Weapon

The post will go over The Escapists Best Weapons for winning a fight. At the very bottom of this post is a poll where you can choose up to 2 choices for what you think is the best weapon. For the most part things can be pretty obvious though how you use something can make […]

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Feb 262015
The Escapists Controls

Below is a detail description of what the controls are and do in The Escapists. When starting out they give you a pretty good description of what does what. But since new games can be hard to learn at first with lots of new stuff throw at you all at once you might need a […]

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Feb 262015
The Escapists Wiki Guide

The Escapists Wiki and Guide with a growing database of information. Since there is already a couple really good wiki’s out there with lots of info I’ll cover the stuff they seemed to miss or is not focused on enough. The Escapists Wiki will be updated daily until I get burned out which might not […]

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