Apr 192015

Clear Vision 3 Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsA growing Clear Vision 3 Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s along with some Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Clear Vision 3 in a Sniper Shooting game developed by DPFLASHES STUDIOS and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Clear Vision 3 Wiki including it’s Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Check back in the near future for more info. Don’t forget to use the comments below to ask question and for user submit info.

Clear Vision 3 Wiki

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All Cutscenes – There seems to be many folks looking for all the cutscenes for Clear Vision. So far it look like nobody has yet to put up a video with all of them. Check back here in the future for all scenes as I’m planning of making a video will them all back to back for viewing purposes.

Assassin Tokens – Assassin Tokens are like they payed currency in Clear Vision 3. You can use them to get more money and upgrade weapons when your broke. The only way that I know how to get tokens is to pay for them with real money. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get free tokens that I know of.

Best Gun – The best gun in my opinion is the Steamy Luiz, though others may have a different opinion. Feel free to vote on the poll below so others can get a better idea of what to invest in.

Easy Money - The best way to get easy money is to pay attention to a missions goal. The less trys it takes to complete a mission the more money the player will get. Your also going to want to avaoid killing civilians as this can also lower the earning from missions. There are many side mission that can be complete and all of the have different amount of money that can be earned. Try to do the ones that produce more income for energy spent. Some stages will offer much more for the same energy cost.


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