Dec 172015

Clone Wars Chewbacca – Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesClone Wars Chewbacca is one of the first Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes characters you’ll get at the start of the game. At first he may seem like a bummer, but once he’s built up and his skills are advances he’s hard to live without. Chewbacca’s best moves would being able to draw attention away from party members about to die and some serious self healing, or a self healing tank.

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Attacks & Abilities (Light Side)

Bowcaster (Basic) – Physical damage with chance to remove turn meter by large amounts. Good for holding people back after upgraded.

Wookiee Rage (Special) – Taunts enemies drawing fire from friends and has a chance to increase max health. This thing can often be the different between the life and death of a party. Being able to keep the weak from dying is this bad boys specialty.

Defiant Roar (Special) – Recover health and increase defense. This is the perfect combination for a hairy tank willing to take all the damage.

Wookiee Resolve (Leader) – This passive ability will only work if Chewbacca is in the party lead position that is chosen before entering battle. Increases the defense of the whole party and gain a chance to increase defense when attacked by the enemy.

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You can find this information by tapping the Find button in the Shard window on the character screen. You can find Chewbacca shards in the Squad Cantina Battle on the 3rd stage, 2-C Hard Dark and 3-E Hard Light.

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