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Count Dooku - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesIn Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Count Dooku is by far one of the most important asset in the deck. He has so many triggers for counter attacks and free meter charges that I swear sometimes he attacks for no reason at all. Best off you can start earning the little bugger right away on both Light/Dark Hard 1-C, need 50 shards.

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Dark Side



Thumb Wars Master

Can you smell what the dark side is cookin?

Attacks & Abilities

Might be best to max everything and keep it at the top. Never know what a skill has around the corner and these things start out pretty good.

Hindering Press (Basic) – Attacks physically with increasing chance to get another free hit, Jedi have a chance to get stunned with ability lock. A free hit skill that should be kept maxed.

Force Lightning (Special) – Special damage and stun on single and random target with Jedi getting stunned easier.

Master Tactician (Leader) – Increase all allies offense and evasion.

Flawless riposte (Unique) – 100% Chance Counter attack on all damage types and gains Turn Meter each time attacking out side normal turn. This things pretty much makes Count Dooku a force to be rekoned with, he never quits attacking. Please don’t fix, please don’t fix, please don’t fix!!! He turns a party of 6 into 8 or 9+.


The absolute best thing about Count Dooku is that you can start earning him very early in the game on both Light and Dark Hard 1-C missions for 12 energy a play, gitter done. You’ll need 50 shards, then he’s in your party for good reeking havok on the competition. I swear this guy attacks sometimes completely out of the blue, steals the whole show for DPS.

This growing Walkthrough & Leveling Guide has some good tips about how to speed up the process of moving through this app.


When selecting Allies in game try to hold onto Count Dooku, especially when you don’t have him since only one character can exist at a time during a single match. He’s like have 2-3+ more normal party members.

If you feel like your game is broken it could be because you don’t know about the Best Characters.

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