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CrashLands Best Pets Incubator Guide Help TipsA CrashLands Best Pets Guide with lots more info so you don’t leave hungry. Since the game is 3 days old as this sentence is being typed the list of info will grow according to awareness.

Head on over to the CrashLands Wiki ya here boy howdy unless your to scared lily liver.

CrashLands Best Pets Guide

How To Get Pets

Here is a small instructional paragraph on how to get pets. So far eggs have dropped randomly for me from the same enemy type. My guess is you’ll have to kill a certain amount of one enemy type and was about 30 for my Wompit. You’ll then need to make an incubator at a Skinnery and possible other crafting stations. The incubator will automatically become available when a pet egg drops and will require the egg as an ingredient along with other materials.

How To Use Pets

If your wondering how to use pets you’ll have to find them first. Next you’ll need to make the incubator which becomes available after finding a egg. The incubator must be place to hatch the egg over time for use and then to use various pet options. Pets will grow as you use them making there size increase.

Embiggen & Tiers – When first getting a pets it will be small, then after so many figth it will get one size bigger. After that you’ll need to use an item on them while in the incubator to embiggen them do a more deadly size and mini boss features. This can be done more than once but will require a high tier item to do so the next upgrade.

It may be important to get every pet as they each produce a unique resource that is usually connected to something good.


Find pets as drops from same enemy type’s after you have killed enough of them, about 30-50 should do the trick. Right now there are 19 pets to choose from.

Key: Name (Resource) – Description


Glidopus (Glidopus Larva) – Octopus close by crash site.

Glutterfly (Glutterfly Wingdust) – Firefly close by crash site. 3rd tier hit small with good poison damage. Will probably start a fight with everything around you and make a bad choice for that reason.

Tartil (Tartil Firedamp) – Shout range AoE that causes fire to burn on ground and damage over time. Great when fighting enemies up close that pretty much burn to a crisp like someone called in air support and the planes dropping napalm, drone strike everyone down!!! By the time a found this guy his 3 Tier was unlocked.

Wat (Wuano) –

Wompit (Wompit Milk) – Hippo close by crash site and probably your first companion. Has basic attack and should be replace pretty early for Tartil, what you like or Bawg pet.

Zug (Charged Zug Molt) –


Bamli (Painsulin) – Has 4 Plasma balls that can release one an attack that do constant damage to opponents that stay one them. This can lead to very large amount of damage over a short period of time, great for killing big things fast.


Snorble (Snorble Mucusak) –

Throak (Throak Jelly) –

Vomma (Boba) –

Wojack (Wojack Spice) – Good for the Bawg as the poison over time is strong and it almost always hits it’s target.


Tundra pets are probably going to be better than the rest due to there hierarchy in the enemy food chain.

Blastcrab –

Gallum –

Glaser (Glaser Silk) – Needed to craft a main quest item from it’s resource

Gulanti –

Lyff –

Shirk –

Slurb –

Best Pet Poll

Below is a pol so people can vote on what they thing is the best pet in CrashLands. You can choose up to 3 options or view without voting.

CrashLands Best Pet Poll

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Tips & Tricks

Upgrading Pets – After finding my second pet, Wompit then Gutterfly, a brief scene happened in the field (tried out Gutterfly and killed a larger Wompit) then your robot friend that follows everywhere gave me a Wompit Garter for increase it’s size and strength even more.

Whats Next After Pets? – Everything else and that why the Best Weapons, Armor, Trinkets & Gadgets are an important part of your daily digital diet.

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