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CrashLands Best Weapons Armor Trinkets GadgetsA CrashLands Best Weapons, Armor, Trinkets, and Gadgets with polls and information on all that is each as well. For the most part things are self explanatory and only take a small amount of exploring. For things that are, how shall I say, a little more difficult to acquire locations and tips may be necessary.

Check back to this CrashLands Best Weapons and Armor for updates daily until I can list all the best stuff here. Visit the CrashLands Wiki for a full list of everything thing that exist in relation to this game specifically and not others that may be similar.


When making items at a Crafting station some of them will have a colored name that implies better quality and more features. Finding these items is random much of the time though some recipes will make the good stuff, even then things can be randomly spiced up a bit.

White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange?


Tool: Chemworks

Blo-Pipe – Causes poison damage 100% guaranteed for a short duration with infinite ammo and 10 sec cooldown. Equips in the quick item slot as a sub weapon. Good for a first hit when running into battle or getting things attention in hard to reach places. Get schematic from Projectile Prototype quest.

Stonehawk Lv5 – By the time this weapon is unlocked with the station which can be really soon the items necessary for it are obtainable making it a good advancement for sword users, unless you have some good random buffs that are hard to find in order.

Tool: Sawmill

Sawgrass Sword Lv 1 – Follow main story missions Crafting Contact to unlock very early.

Tool: Stoneshaper

Flatstone Hammer Lv 3 – I thinks this one pops up right away when placing the Stoneshaper crafting station.


Tool: Sawmill

Loghat Lv1 -

Logchest Lv1 -

Woodmitts Lv1 -

Logboots Lv1 -

Hydrablade Woodshankers Lv3 – Require the rare Hydrablade which I think will eventually drop from Sawgrass. If found mine will I was adventuring out a ways from the starting point.

Tool: Stoneshaper

Chelm Lv5 -

Charmor Lv5 -

Chittens Lv5 -

Choots Lv5 -


Can only make and equip 1 trinket at a time.



Working on a CrashLands Walkthroughs with Quests, Tips & Tricks. Check it for information on objective and possible what you might be missing out on since many quests can be missed by simply not finding them.

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