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Crashlands Biomes Savannah Bawg TundraCrashLands has Biomes which currently include the Savannah, Bawg and Tundra. Biomes are large areas with big differences between each other including different creatures, resources, look and feel.

The size of Biomes is not limitless though they are large enough to feel alone in, but please don’t feel alone as there are many locations to explore. Remember not to feed the animals and always keep you hands in the vehicle at all times.

Visit the CrashLands Wiki for everything related on this domain… except things that aren’t related.

CrashLands Biome


The biomes combined size is similar to a small country and thus not limitless though enough room to get things done. Were looking at 16,000 sq miles or 42,000 sq km total for all 3 bios combines and a person can get into a lot of trouble with this amount of space and not a lot of freedom. If you get lost try stopping and asking for directions.

If your having trouble moving forward choosing the best weapons and armor can make advancing a more enjoyable time.


A place with things.


The Bawg is not what you’d expect, but not what you wouldn’t either.


Like a desert missing rain the Tundra is dry with things that make it look like it’s a good environment for things that are dry.

You’ve seen the vegetation, but have you mastered the Craft. Crafting is an essential necessity needed to nullify the nastyism while moving north in an non-negotiable narrative, I’n not noking.

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