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CrashLands Compendium Data Drop List LocationA CrashLands Compendium list with data an drops including resource locations and other tid bits of alphabetical and numerical goodness, potentially. The Compendium is a list of objects found in the environment and can be found in the Data section by the Quest list.

Visit the CrashLands Wiki for more on this domain and link to other stuff I don’t have the time or ability to complete on my own.

Compendium Data Drop List & Location

Keep in mind that different vegetation and environmental finds and separated by Biomes so if your having an extremely difficult time finding something your probably in the wrong place. Not all items can be harvest for Crafting though many of them will and since inventory space is unlimited you can never have enough of anything, leave no everything behind.

Right now there are 70 different items to find for harvest in the environment with many of them dropping multiple building materials making the number of things found increase dramatically.

You’ll have a much better chance meeting new enemies if you walk straight out from the crash site. It can get tough quick though with wild life become ever so resilient to offensive techniques.

Enemies & Pets


The Savanna is like a desert with a small amount of water, though by first look of things there is enough water to support a jungle biome systems. Watch out for hungry hungry hippos.

  • = Drops

1. Wompit – A large hippopotamus looking enemies that bounces on the player to attack.

  • Wompit Leather
  • Wompit Bone
  • Wompit Sinew
  • Wompit Toenail
  • Intact Wompit Heart

2. Glutterfly – A looks like a firefly and uses projectiles to eliminate threats.

  • Glow Juice
  • Glutterfly Chitin

3. Glidopus – A octopus looking things that like to slide and dash at your face.

  • Glidopus Siphon
  • Glidopus Ink
  • Glidopus Beak

4. Tartil – Uses long range attack to blast and burn and area over time. Can stay in close and move behind Tartil to attack safely for good inside reversal.

  • Petrified Amber
  • Tartil Pitch
  • Tartil Tongue


6. Zug

  • Zug Kneecap
  • Zug Shell
  • Zug Sparkplug


7. Vomma

  • Vlap
  • Vompole
  • Vomma Baby

8. Wojack

  • Wojack Petal
  • Wojack Sucker
  • Wojack Comea
  • Wojack Cilia

9. Throak

  • Throak Polyp
  • Throak Fluoros
  • Throak Tentacle
  • Throak Nematocyte

10. Snorble

11. Satgat

12. Bamli


13. Shirk

14. Glaser

15. Slurb

16. Lyff – Drops Physics Research

17. Blastcrab

18. Gallum




20. Sawgrass

  • Sawgrass Leaf
  • Sawgrass Blade
  • Sawgrass Seed – Plant these in the “right” type of soil to grow another Sawgrass.

21. Sunshroom – Looks like a a mushroom and restores 149 HP.

22. Baconweed – Replenishes 81 HP and good to have around encase of emergencies. It looks like a small flower catching some rays.

23. Logtree (need Saw) –

  • Sawdust -
  • Log -
  • Logtree Seed -

24. Whistleroot –

  • Whistle Borer -
  • Whistleroot Reed -
  • Spood Beast -

25. Kibweed –

26. Walkerroot – A small tree with a blue blossom.

  • Walker Blossom

27. Bumpberry –

28. Flatboulder

  • Flatstone Gravel
  • Flatstone
  • Yellow Gem

29. Gassak – Looks like 6 oranges around the second tier of enemies outwards from crash site. Can grow more with seeds dropped.

  • Gassak Doublesack
  • Gassak Gas Sack
  • Gassakmeister
  • Volatile Sack

30. Straddlebark – Lays on the ground around the second tier of enemies outwards from crash site.

31. Squee

  • Squee Barrel
  • Squee Husk
  • Squocoon
  • Squee Seed

32. Bulb – A short red flower around second tier of enemies outwards from crash site.

33. Night Glotus – Only harvestable during the night and looks like a large black flower during the day that does nothing.

  • Glotus Berries

34. Savanna Fishing – When you get a Fishing Rod by completing Crafting Contact: Fishin’ up Batteries these things can be aquired while fishing along with high level gear schematics. Nasty Lure increases fish density by 40%. Best fishing hole is just north of starting point with 18 holes.

  • Ball Snail
  • Depth Charge
  • Deviltailed Slapper
  • Fatheaded Slurper
  • Giantbone Helm Lv 12 – I found schematic fishing north or starting point in lake with 18 fishing spots. The Giant Fossilized Skull I found as a drop from a larger Tartil though a small could drop one as well maybe.
  • Gassak Doublesack
  • Log
  • Pond Shoot
  • Squocoon
  • Stick
  • Yellow Gem
  • Whistle Borer
  • Wobblygong

35. Dusk Crystal


36. Bloo

37. Tusker

38. Jollychomp

39. Splinter

40. Blegh

41. Nurva

42. Clossom

43. Tuber

44. Artree

45. Pikkaye

46. Pyn

47. Bawg Fishing

48. Thrombyte

49. Bone Spur

50. Bawg Hair


51. Furgrasp

52. Spiregg

53. Smashblossom

54. Conjoined Perp

55. Geysir – These are in the outer part of the Tundra and have a chance to drop Geysir Slurry, Diamon and Spood Beast. On a rare occasion a red owl looking thing popped out of one and bounced around. When bounce around only a green icon appeared around it’s body when targeting, but after a few hits it died and dropped a Torso Demon Skin.

56. Hard Core

57. Parapod

58. Fanged Strangler

59. Boreole

60. Tundra School

61. Bluff

62. Flailtree

63. Flungus

64. Coppersponge







If you have issues moving forward in the gaming world this Walkthroughs might help enlighten your experience.

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