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CrashLands End Boss Hewgodooko Guide WalkthroughA brief yet helpful CrashLands End Boss Hewgodooko Guide and Walkthrough. For the most part when fighting Hewgodooko in the Savanna, Bawg and Tundra a couple things will make the biggest difference, have the best weapon you can and keep moving. The main weapons DPS is used to determine damage for everything else in the game that does damage including devices, pets and bomb.

Visit the CrashLands Wiki for everything related on this domain… thank you come again.

Savanna – Hewgodooko

Main Quest Crafting Contact: Package Keep-away – This one is easy if you keep moving and have a strong pet to attack. About every 1/4 loss new attacks will come at you, stages: 1 slow laser (open for melee), tri laser spin. 2 flying drone that shoot laser from above and track location. 3 Bouncing and mobile, easiest time to hit during a fight as it was only one bounce then time to get a hit in. 4 Slow floating metal things with big blast radius. After the confrontation Hewgodooko escapes like a little girl.

Here’s a Walkthrough with a quest list along with info and helpful advice in difficult places.

Bawg – Hewgodooko

Petty Theft: Krakalaka Take It Backa! I used a Blo-Pipe to get my T1 Bamli pet to attack relentlessly while I ran around the room without out being touched luckily. My BlueStacks android emulator was lagging pretty bad though the fight speed was about half as fast, update restarting BlueStacks fixed lag from continue after computer sleep sessions. This second fight with Hewgodooko seemed to be easier with less problems. Optimized Gamepad and Bloodbag schematics reward.

Here’s a growing list of crafting items that can be aquired through gameplay in the various Biomes.

Tundra – Hewgodooko FINAL BATTLE!

Special Delivery: To Space – Step through the Elderstone portal for the Tundra BOSS FIGHT: Hewgodooko – This boss was extremely difficult at first until I came in with some bombs and focused on removing Hewgodooko asap. I had all the Lv35 gear with 4 armor pieces and the weapon along with a T3 Bamli pet, Depth Charges and some high grade healing potions. Check the video below for a video walkthrough.

Getting ahold of good gear is pretty self explanitory when moving through the main quest. Having a look at the Best Weapons, Armor, Trinkets & Gadgets could hurt though either.

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