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CrashLands Farming Enemies Resources DPS LevelingSome CrashLands info about Farming Enemies and Resources along with how leveling and DPS work together. I played this game and beat it with glasses, literally and a fishing buff so I know how things work kind of slightly a little bit sort of maybe.

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Enemies – If your having trouble defeating a certain enemy due to lack of damage you’re gonna have to increase DPS and/or expose weakness in order to get the upper hand. While fighting any enemies besides bosses a few things will happen for sure. Eventually they’ll drop the 3rd tier schematic for their pet type, then they will drop there egg after so many kill which might have a better chance to drop when fighting the large size of enemy types.

Resources – Resources are things your gonna need tools to harvest. To unlock better tools you’ll have to follow the main quest which are always listed at the top of the quest list. Some resources are more tricky to mine requiring something to be gathered then using that to mine another material. There are also a few workstation that are for a specific crafting materiel.

Leveling & DPS

There is no experience or leveling system in CrashLands, instead DPS rules the world. To increase your DPS you’ll need a better main hand weapon which in turn increases the damage of just about every other attack including melee attacks, pet damage, devices, bombs and lets you get through high tier enemies armor for faster take downs.

So basically the only thing holding you back from doing more damage in the game is increasing DPS with a better main hand weapon that will always have to be grafted. Check current stats including DPS by going into the equip menu and looking at the right screen, you might have to tap a spot with no gear to see stats after poking around.

The only way to keep moving forward getting better gear schematics is to do the main quests which will always be listed at the top of the quest list. The closer you get to the end of the game the better the gear will get, though there are lots of side missions that hold extra weapons, armor, trinket, gadgets, devices, boss fight and other things of the like.

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