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CrashLands Savanna Walkthrough Quests Guide TipsThis is a CrashLands Walkthrough and Guide for the Savanna with tips and info to get past the more difficult challenges. For the most part things are pretty basic when it comes to moving forward. Quest usually have a lot of conversation and put the key info to complete them in the last couple bubble for though who are just looking to smash things.

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Walkthrough – Savanna

Here’s a Savanna, Bawg and Tundra Walkthrough on one page if that’s what your into, otherwise check out the single walkthrough for:

Crashlands Savanna Map

CrashLands Savanna Map

Starting Out – Choose your difficulty for what seems comfortable. If your new to this type of game or have never played a game before something may be wrong with you and congratulations. Check specific difficulty explanations above or in-game for a better idea on what path to choose.

After choosing your difficulty you’ll start out on a ship which is mostly a bunch of story chatter to get an idea of what the heck is going on you’ll have to complete many more quests with the same thing. You’re gonna have to read some times though the map can show locations for objective completions.

When the bonding and bridge burning is over the ship will start to crash and burn. Work you way to the escape pod with getting killed by the explosive devises that have suddenly plagued the ship deck. Don’t forget The G-Gnome on the other side of the exit or the 4 pies on the floor.

When you hit the ground from apparently forgetting a parachute and not knowing the difference between the inside and outside of and escape pod you are pretty much free to explore the wonderful world of Woanope, but first you’ll have to build a home and jump through some other hoops. Don’t forget to take items from the craft station.

The further you go out from the crash sit the harder and bigger the AI gets. Portal can be used to easier travel back to areas far away. When dying remember that a certain amount of items are dropped when HP reaches 0, they must be reclaimed by going back the the RIP icon on Map.


Crafting Contact – First quest obtained right after face planting the ground. Make floors from sawgrass found directly around the crash and place them like a normal floor around the Survival Station/Workstation/BS SSSS SS5. You may have to click maze through the menus to figure out what is where, just remember to craft you have to use the Survival Station/Workstation/BS SSSS SS5 next to the crashed ship. Save some wood for walls pilgrims, this is fresh fertile new land and there are hungry bears everywhere, actually so far I’ve only seen hippos but I’m sure there’s a bear in here somewhere.

Foundations – Lay down floor panels around the craft station or possible anywhere.

Build The Saw – Make saw with 4 Sticks and 10 Sawgrass Blades.

It’s Mining Time – Make Saw Mill with 14 Bladegrass and 13 Logs. Equip the saw from equipment menu to chop down Logtrees.

? -

The Best Defense – Make Wood Chestplate

The Powaapol – Find Powaapol on the map and talk to Burl.

The Trust of a Tendraam – Go to map location and dispose of the trespassers.

Return to Burl – Return to Burl in Powaapol.

Get the Resonator – Make a pickaxe from newly acquired recipe and return to Powaapol and mine the glowing crystal in the house.

Bearing Burl’s Roots – Build a StoneShaper and make a Potted Sunshroom, then check the Map and head towards GrandMommy’s house.

The Graam’s Laboratory – Locate the lab on the map and travel to it. Once you talk tot he things located inside the structure you will be blitz attacked by 4 Glutterfly Worker. It might be best to flee the structure then approach kill a few at a time, then healing between ass beatings.

Graam’s BIG BUG Problem – After defeating the 4 small flies and talking to the thing int he structure a Queen Of The Glutter will appear and must be destroy to move on. When completed you’ll get schematics for Pinwheels and Chemworks.

To Ramerl’s Smithy – Check map and travel to Ramerl’s Smithy location after building a Pinwheel at a Chemworks station. Receive Hearth workstation for reward.

Water logged – Make 5 Waterballoons from the Water Pump station then return to Ramerl’s Smithy.

? – Flashes by quick during a small dialog cut-scene when Hewgodooko shows up. Ramerl’s takes off at the same time and he’s all like “How come she’s never here?”, he talks trash saying “Gonna show up and take something dear when you least expect it” and takes off. Ramerl then comes back at the same time. BS EGG: Soon after just before chopping a tree Hewgodooko shows up and laser beam kills the tree before I could chop it down, I thought it was go time and then a tree blows up and he leave. Update: Hewgodooko will continuous break minor things.

Talk to Grandmammy ’bout Fishin’ – Talk to Grandmammy.

Fishin’ up Batteries – Build Basic Fishing Pole at Squathe workshop and catch battery. Find pole parts by defeating the second layer of enemies outword blackish Tartil and other easy to find parts.

Out of Retirement – Raid Hewgo’s Supply Cache and use floor to cross water gap on north end, fighting is optional while the 3 crates are not.

The Great Tartil Infestation – Head to Baarnapol and clear the area of Tartil then talk to Baarnabus.

Tarpit Paving – Build 20 Squee Flooring and return to Baarnabus.

Glartalar – Get Crystal Kiln, Shellfinger Pick and Stuffed Tartil schematics as reward.

Crafting the Comm – Make Comm Relay at Crystal Kiln.

To the High Ground – Check the map for High Ground then kill white Wompit in stone building. Might need to clear the entrance for easier fight as it could be a long one. 1-2 hits for most players and your dead. You can get in 2 hit between jump pauses if your fast or just attack after double jump to be safe.

? – Kill big Gutterfly, I just tapped him a couple times a let my Pet handle the rest.

Glidotart Defeat – I just attack with range, then ran and let my Tartil T3 handle the rest. They all died just before leaving the building as they all burned to death.

Into The Comm Room – A small talk sequence quest.

Package Keep-away – BOSS FIGHTHewgodooko – This one is easy if you keep moving and have a strong pet to attack. About every 1/4 loss new attacks will come at you, stages: 1 slow laser (open for melee), tri laser spin. 2 flying drone that shoot laser from above and track location. 3 Bouncing and mobile, easiest time to hit during a fight as it was only one bounce then time to get a hit in. 4 Slow floating metal things with big blast radius. After the confrontation Hewgodooko escapes like a little girl.

Post- High ground – Talking sequence after defeating Hewgodooko. If you wanna get the chest in the last room with the one hit kill Zug buddies you can lead them outside the building and there AI breaks. Once outside the building they will get stuck on the wall and can be pick of with Blo-Pipe and pet attacks using wall as shield. This was the first time I kill one of these foul beasts.

To the Bawgstone – Travel to the Creeping Rift on the map and talk to Grandmammy to Finish this long questline and open the way to the Bawg biome.

Petty Theft To the Bawg – Use Bawgaporter at The Creeping Rift in Savanna to travel to the Bawg.

Nightlight I Can’t See – Somewhere around the crash site close by not too far away in the vicinity there will be a torch on an island. You’ll need a extra floor panel or 2 unless you have other means. After collecting the torch you’ll be able to see a certain distance in the dark.


Finish Crafting Contact: Tarpit Paving to open these questlines.

Fungus Among Us Get Baakfleep home – Talk to Baakfleep, then make 3 Stone Burn Salves and return with at least 1.

Mindful Meditations Gaaby’s Relaxation – Talk to Gaaby then get 12 Wompit Leathers.

Gaaby’s Drawing – Go to Wobbler Ruins on map and take Hologram with tool feature. You can also grab the locked chest with the key in the middle of the ruins. Reviece Wobbler.

Safety Precautions Putting ut Fires – Tame a Tartil for a per by defeating them a bunch and building it’s incubator, then return to Baarnabus. I got luck and had this lil’buddy with me. Davy Lamp is your rewards, congratulations.

Caarta’s Fishin’ Hole

Found after completing Caarta’s Markings.

Graam’s Laboratory

Exterminator Graam’s Bigger Bug Problem – Defeat baddies marked on map. Trigger by talking to Graam after completing Graam’s BIG BUG Problem.

Projectile Prototype – Talk to Laanaa after completing Graam’s BIG BUG Problem. GO south and kill the Wompit Bulga and grab all the bumpberries around it. Receive Blo-Pipe recipe as a reward.


Find this area through the Crafting Contact questline.

Proper Vittles Omlettes for Burlenon – Receive Mild Speed Potion

From the Depths I Spy – Talk to Jak after Crafting Contact: Fishin’ up Batteries.

That Sounds Bad… – Free Barbraan from prison by finding the Hewgodooko security key northwest on map, then visit Jak at Grandmammy’s.

Stealing the Beakler – Head to Beakler Facility on map and cut throw the Whistleroot to get the Hewgodooko Security Key, then open the locked door, fight enemies and take chest contents the Beakler trinket. Return to Jak.

Huff and Puff Explosives 101 – Talk to Flak after Crafting Contact: Fishin’ up Batteries. Get 5 super volatile sacks from Gassaks.

Explosives Lab – Go to Explosives Lab on map and throw firecrackers in to blow up of the Wompits holding the squid thing hostage,”I’m coming in to negotiate!”

Return To Flak – Go back to Flak at Grandmammy’s.

Explosive PhD – Bring a pet Glutterfly to Flak and get Poison Bomb and The Butterfly schematics.

Key Master Garaam’s Freedom – Free Barbraan from prison by finding the Hewgodooko Security Key northwest on map.

Waterworks Cleaning the Water – Talk to Makalak after Crafting Contact: Fishin’ up Batteries. Fish out 3 radioactive chunks from get Stony Health Potion.


Grafting Roots Auly’s Cowardice – Gotten from Auly in Powaapol. Fight a Gromp somewhere close by.

Return to Auly’s – Return to Auly’s after defeating the Gromp.

The Walloper – Not sure just walked around and defeated what I thought was a regular larger Wompit.

Getting Saucy – Defeat Suacy the last of Auly’s bounties. I found Suacy about half a screen length away from starting point crash sit. Almost walked right by it it was so in my face easy to find. Might have spawn to to a complete avoidance of the quest like a gimme algorithm.

Auly and Kiikfleep’s Reunion – Talk to Kiikfleep in Powaapol. Triggers Repentance from Dernd in Powaapol.

Grafting Roots Kilkfleep’s Ring – Get by talking to Kilkfleep in Powaapol after completing Return to Burl. Find the Entanglement Ring by chopping a certain amount of Whistleroot, I don’t think it has to be around the area necessarily as I just headed out cutting Whistleroot along the way and seemed to find it randomly. When returning it things seem a little empty.

Repentance – Make Furdle Durt at BS SSSS SS5 than plant 8 Logtree Seeds around Powaapol and wait 15 minutes for them to grow. Tap the plant to see how much time is left. Finish Grafting Roots then talk to Maaria. Feel free to pick up the Furdle Durt when you done for reusing.

Finding the Shrine – Go to Marlaapol on map a defeat a few baddies around the plant shrine that has lights around the area.

Return to Dernd – Go back to Powaapol and watch old girl pack up and leave.

Ramerl’s Smithery

Complete Crafting Contact: Water logged to open these questlines.

Firespitter Juicebox the Godbox – Make Nitro and earn a Flamethrower.

The Creeping Rift

Bawg portal location, but must complete Savanna main questline Crafting Contact first to open portal stone.

Uugy’s Meadow

Three Wishes Legendary Lies – Finish Tilling Therapy below to open. Go to Old Jaarnal’s Hermage on map.

Toothy Defense – Defeat all the Wompits that appear and talk to Old Jaarnal.

Defend the Fairy Ring – Go to Fairy spot south on map and kill the 2 Wompits.

Finding the Baconweed Fairy -Go to Square Lake north on the map.

Tilling Therapy Uugy’s Pot Problem – Use Sawmill to make 5 Potted Baconweed.

Aarnd’s Wompit Shakes – Find and defeat Nightwalka somewhere in the Savanna. I think he may show up randomly while exploring but here’s a picture of Nightwalka’s exact location when I found him during the day on accident as I looked at birdies.

Return to Aarnd’s – Return to Aarnd’s in Uugy’s Meadow.

Uugy and Aarnd Fortify – Make a Wood Poledoor and 31 Wood Walls and return. Get Stuffed Wompit.


Caarta’s Markings Marking Walkerroot – I found Caarta somewhere not to far south from the crash site, could be anywhere close by though since things seem to be random for everyone. Walk a short ways north until you see a circlish area with Walkerroot and place the sign, the right anything on the sign and return to Caarta’s.

Mark The Sacred Space – Travel Southwest from Caarta’s location to the Glade a place another sign, then label it with anything. It will be around an area with abnormal Logtrees placement that looks unnatural.

Labeling the Twig and Berries – Look northwest from Caarta’s position for a small island surrounded by a block wide of water around it. You do not need to mine or place floor to cross, just place sigh and right anything on it.

Mark Caarta’s Fishin’ Hole – Go straight west from Caarta’s location and place a sign next to the fishing hole, then right anything on it. After placing the sign things will come to an end rewarding you with a Medicine Bag recipe.

Get Rekt Triangulating the Labyrinth – Found while doing Exterminator or around Grandmammy’s. Go to  the Labyrinth located on map and destroy the 3 stone surrounding the large black triangle.

Door buster – Talk to Andiaana and Jaans outside the Labyrinth. Bring 8 Gravelbombs to blow open pathway into Labyrinth.

Explore the Labyrinth – Make it to the large area inside.

Explore the Chamber – Explore the Chamber. BOSS FIGHT: BlockStock – This boss is tough early unless you have a few things, a pet and a long range weapon like the Blo-Pipe which lets you get your pet to attack while you run around the outside in one direction dodging everything easy. It’s a game of patience for the weaker player while higher level might just get in close and knock BlockStock the’el out, ADRIAN!!! After defeat drops include Stunning Mirror and DBOT.

Mother Duck Hatching a Beast – Kill enough of one enemy to drop and egg. Now create an incubator to hatch the egg for a pet which can usually be done easily at a crafting station. Now place the Incubator and tap it to start the hatch timer.

Gathering Hope – Make Wompit Garter for

Embiggening – Use Wompit Garter on Wompit while in it’s nest.

Seriously Milk it – I think this popped up while cutting Sawgrass randomly, first though I found and hatched a pet Wompit, then making one milk from it as a station while nesting. Not really a quest though as It pops up and goes away in the same discussion period. Can’t go wrong with some good old quest humor. Check this pet guide for specifics on how to whisper to animals.

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